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Specimen Transport to Laboratories

A sample which is inadequately or inappropriately packaged can present a significant hazard to all those who subsequently have to deal with it. This includes ward staff, porters, drivers and laboratory staff. The following steps will help to minimize the risk from these hazards:return to top of pageMost laboratory samples will deteriorate on storage. Transmission of samples to the laboratory should therefore be as quick as circumstances permit. If immediate mulberry purse transport is not available then the storage conditions described for each sample in the tests and samples database should apply.Blood sample storage information for tests performed by the Chemical Pathology and Haematology (including Immunology and Transfusion) departments is available below. If the test of interest is not covered by this list then please contact the laboratory.Sample Storage: Chemical Pathologyreturn to top of pageWith the exception of very large specimen containers such as the bigger Histopathology pots, 24 hour urine containers and faecal fat collection buckets, all specimens sent to the laboratory should be in a sealed bag.The standard laboratory request for mulberry purse ms for Transfusion, Chemical Pathology, Haematology and Microbiology come with the specimen bag already attached to the form. Histopathology and Non Gynae Cytology request forms do not have a bag attached.For ICE request forms and bagless laboratory request forms, minigrip bags are available from Pathology supplies. These bags have a seal able section for the specimen container and a second “pouch” for the laboratory request form. The form must not be placed in the seal able section with the specimen as any leakage will contaminate the form. Please ensure that the request form is folded and placed in the pouch so that the specimen and test request details are clearly visible through the sample bag.Please do not seal bags with sellotape or staples.Air tube systemAir tube systems are available in the Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal hospitals for rapid transport of samples to the laboratories.Do not use the air tube system for Histopathology samples.Do not use the air tube system for specimens containing more than 50mL of fluid as these are at risk of leakage from the buffeting samples receive in the system. However, it is safe to send bl mulberry purse ood culture bottles through the system.When using the air tube system make sure you use the correct pod for Pathology samples.Please enter the correct location number for Pathology and check that the sample is accepted into the system. Occasionally, there is a problem with the system and a pod may not be accepted for several hours, during which time the sample may deteriorate and results may be significantly delaye mulberry purse d.Do not send obviously leaking samples through the system containers should be re sealed, cleaned up and re bagged.

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Specifications of LDPE

How Is LDPE Recycled?

Manufacturers use polyethylene, a byproduct of oil, to create a wide variety of plastic products, from medical supplies to paper coatings. Low density.

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The Megatech P 51 Specifications

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Specification Corner

Mark Woods, Tennessee DOT is currently discussing removing its “AC content for bidding purposes, mulberry purse ” which requires bidding HMA contractors to bid all mixes of each type at a specified predetermined AC content. Once produced, pay items are adjusted for the actual design/produced AC content and indexed. The department is currently discussing the potential effects of removing this requirement and allowing contractors to bid mulberry purse at their design AC values. The department is also discussing tightening it spay factor tables for gradation and asphalt content to encourage even more consistent production.Dale Rand, Texas DOT January 2011, the Texas DOT approved a special specification (SS 3224) that replaces the standard hot mix Item 341, which comprises approximately 75 percent of the HMA placed mulberry purse in Texas. This special specification is a culmination of other special provisions to Item 341. Some of the highlights of the new special specification(SS3224) are as follows:Allows the use of mulberry purse RAP and RAS on all projects and sets maximum amounts of recycled asphalt binder that can be used in each mixture.Allows the use of WMA on all projects.Allows the use of “Substitute Binders” on all projects. (Note: This provision allows a contractor to use, for example, a PG 64 22 in lieu of a PG70 22 provided the mixture meets all specification requirement such as Hamburg Wheel, etc., for the originally specified binder grade.)SS 3224 also addresses sample custody issues. It requires that all samples (specifically roadway cores) be placed in “security bags” if the samples are ever out of the engineer’s possession. (Note: Texas DOT worked with a vendor to develop custom security bags.) The bags havea unique ID number on the inside and once sealed cannot be opened without damaging the bags. SS 3224 also provides incentives for contractors to use the Pave IR system to measure thermal segregation. SS 3224 will be used as the template for the Texas DOT to rewrite all remaining HMA specifications (Superpave, SMA, PFC etc).Allen Myers, Kentucky Transportation Cabinet Kentucky Transportation Cabinet is currently reviewing its Standard Specifications in preparation for a new manual in 2012. The following are some changes being considered for the asphalt area:Update the section involving reclaimed asphalt materials. Add requirements for reclaimed asphalt shingles. Use the concept of “effective asphalt binder content replacement” (by the reclaimed materials) for determining the appropriate grade of virgin asphalt binder.