mulberry bags Source says pipe bomb was init

Source says pipe bomb was initially handed back to man passing through EIA mulberry bags security

EDMONTON An airport security screener who seized a pipe bomb from a passenger in Edmonton gave it back before other screeners stepped in, Global News has learned. It the latest twist in a shocking story that had the federal transport minister blasting airport security after first being reported here two days ago.

Global News learned that on Sept. 20, what appeared to be a pipe bomb was pulled from a man carry on at the Edmonton International Airport.

The passenger, 18 year oldSkylar Murphy of Spruce Grove,was allowed to board his flight; and it wasn’t until four days later that the RCMP was called in to investig mulberry bags ate.

UPDATE: Suspect planned to ‘blow up a shed’ with pipe bomb found at EIA security, say court docs

Minister of Transport Lisa Raitt said Wednesday that should not have happened.

“The safety of Canadians and the travelling public is our Government’s top priority.

will be calling the President of CATSA today to ensure the organization takes further action to better protect the safety of Canadian travellers.”

Wednesday evening,Global Newsspoke with a person who saw the entire situation unfold at EIA. The person, who has asked to remain anonymous, says the pipe bomb was clearly visible on the X ray machine. According to this source, the screener searched the bag, but gave it back to Murphy. It wasn until other screeners stepped in that the device was confiscated.

WATCH: Former CSIS agent, Michel Juneau Katsuya,slams air security agency for pipe bomb breach

On Monday, CATSA told Global News it can apprehend a passenger if something illegal is found. It can only call police. It said it has policies in place to determine when that happens, but wouldn go into any further detail.

job is to screen passengers and their belongings, and make sure that threats or potential threats make their way to the aircraft that what happened on that day, said Mathieu Larocque, a s mulberry bags pokesperson for CATSA.

Larocque added that the organization looks at every incident and how things could have been handled differently. He wouldn say thenwhether this incident prompted any change of procedure at mulberry bags EIA or any other airport in the country.

Following Raitt statement on Wednesday, Larocque had the following to say:

understand the Minister’s concerns and direction. The security of the traveling public is CATSA’s top priority.

want to assure the travelling public that we have taken steps to ensure that it does not occur again. CATSA has completed a full review last fall of the incident. During the course of its review, CATSA concluded that the RCMP should have been contacted earlier in the process as per our procedures. Corrective actions have been taken and those involved in the incident were disciplined and required to take additional training. We have also updated screening officers’ training material across the country and put more emphasis on our procedures. relation to this incident, Murphy was arrested and charged with possession of an explosive substance on Sept. 27, when he returned to the country.

mulberry bags source hacker laptop that you

source hacker laptop that you can build yourself

The beautiful laptop that you see before you, called Project Novena, was built from scratch. Because its creators have open sourced the laptop blueprints, you can even build a Novena yourself if you had a lot of time, money, and technical expertise, anyway. In keeping with the laptop open computing roots, even the motherboard was designed and created from scratch. Inside the laptop, which was created specifically for hardware hacking, there a whole range of goodies: an FPGA on the motherboard, dual Ethernet sockets, a USB OTG port and again, due to the open source requirement, a Freescale iMX6 quad core ARM CPU. The build took more than a year and a half to complete.

Built by Se mulberry bags an Cross and Bunnie Huang, Project Novena is truly a wonder to behold. We seen a lot of DIY desktops and case mods, but laptops because of their smaller form factor and non standard parts are very rare indeed. Open source DIY laptops are almost unheard of. In this case, source means two things: The blueprints for the custom circuit boards (the motherboard and battery board) are available on the Project Novena wiki, and where possible Xobs and Bunnie tried to use components that had complete and NDA free documentation. That why they chose the Freescale iMX6 CPU unlike most CPUs, you can simply hit up the Freescale website and download an almost complete 6,000 page programming manual. If you wanted to get your hands on Intel internal documentation, you would need to sign a lot of paperwork. (Read:GoFlow: a DIY tDCS brain boosting kit.)

Here how Novena hardware specs break down: A quad core Freescale iMX6 (Cortex A9) ARM CPU, Vivante GC2000 GPU (one of the few parts requiring a non open source binary), a Micro SD slot that the system boots from, one DDR3 SODIMM RAM slot, a mini PCIe slot, and an mPCIx slot for mobile data cards. Because this laptop was created specifically for hardware hacking, there are more ports and connectors and controllers than you can ever imagine. On the motherboard there are: Internal speaker connectors, a built in microphone, a three axis accelerometer, a header for a WiFi module, a HDMI socket, SD card reader, USB 2.0 ports, Gigabit Ethernet and standard 100Mbps Ethernet, USB OTG (on the go), and a XilinxSpartan 6 CSG324FPGA with high speed I/O expansion header for doing well, just about anything.

Battery wise, a separate daughtercard is used, allowing for standard RC enthusiast lithium polymer battery packs to be plugged in. These batteries are designed to be quick charging (no one likes waiting hours for their RC car or quadcopter to recharge), allowing for 7 8 hours of run time from a 1 hour charge on a 45 watt hour battery. Due to the flexible interface, though, you could happily swap in a 100 watt hour battery if you so wished (and keep spare batteries in your bag, ready to go). [See:Facebook, ARM, x86, and the future of open computing.]

Leather bound Novena laptops. Red sheepskin, and green pig suede.

Finally, there a 13 inch 2560 (239 ppi) display (which can be switched out for something else if you prefer), a standard laptop keyboard (with a nipple; no touchpad), an aluminium alloy frame (light and strong), paper laminate for interior structure, and the best bit the outside of the laptop is wrapped in genuine leather. love that my laptop smells of leather when it runs, says Bunnie. The laptop, of course, runs Linux.

Bunnie and Xobs don give an exact cost for their prototype laptops, but I estimate that they cost at least $1,500 each probably more, once you factor in the FPGA, and the cost of having the logic boards manufactured. Consider that it cost over a year and a half of their time, too (though, now that they done the hard work and open sourced the blueprints, it would take you a lot less time to make your own). You may also be interested to hear that, following a lot of praise from hackers, Bunnie and Xobs are planning to build and sell a simplified version of Novena via a crowdfunding campaign. We keep you updated.

you can compare the FPGA to a low clocked super fast parallel processor or a single purpose processor But it is much harder to program and not all algorithms can be implemented it hardware.

I have implemented a digital clock whit vga output,

a soc (picoblaze + vga output) for a digital clock

one takes a lot of time to make.

So if you have a large enough FPGA than you could load it whit a HVEC coder and it will be a lot faster than a GPU/CPU but it will be slower than an ASIC. if you are don dooing the HVEC you reprogram it to something else.

But the reprogramming also takes time. mulberry bags There is some research in partially dynamical reprogramming so the FPGA reprograms so it fits best for the task.

I like the idea of self built lapt mulberry bags ops. Always hated having to buy something already built. But my first thought, if those are speakers on the left palm, I couldn type with them there Perhaps just me. The rest of it seems to have stuff I might not need. Still the cost of having stuff built custom wouldn be cheap. I waiting for basically the laptop you can just order the parts you want and put them together like desktop units. There was a few attempts mulberry bags at this but they tended to be too expensive. If they would just standardize But then they lose their cash so I guess that won happen soon /sigh

mulberry bags Sourav Ganguly bag Indian Supe

Sourav Ganguly bag Indian Super League franchises

Sachin Tendulkar and Sourav Ganguly were among the h mulberry bags ost of high profile winni mulberry bags ng bidders on Sunday, as the organises of the much anticipated Indian Super League unveiled the eight franchises for the event that is set to take Indian football by storm.

The bid winners for the eight franchises of the league, which is scheduled to be held in September November, was announced by organisers IMG Reliance after evaluation of the bids by a seven member panel.

Tendulkar bagged the Kochi franchise along with PVP Ventures, which also owns a team in the Indian Badminton League while Ganguly, who bid by forming a consortium with Spanish League giants Atletico Madrid and businessmen Harshavardhan Neotia, Sanjeev Goenka and Utsav Parekh, won the Kolkata franchise.

The Mumbai franchise went to Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor and Bimal Parekh while another tinsel town biggie Salman Khan bagged the Pune franchise together with Kapil Wadhawan and Dheeraj Wadhawan of the Wadhawan mulberry bags Group.

Another actor John Abraham teamed up with I League side from the northeast, Shillong Lajong, to bag the franchise to be based in Guwahati.

The remaining three teams went to Sameer Manchanda led Den Network for Delhi, Sun Group, the owners of IPL team Hyderabad Surisers, for Bengaluru and the consortium of Venugopal Dhoot of Videocon, Dattaraj Salgaocar and Shrinivas V Dempo for Goa.

Organised by IMG Reliance in association with Star India, the league has the backing of AIFF, and is set to see big names as icon players such as former France international Robert Pires and ex Sweden and Arsenal player Fredrik Ljungberg.

Sources said that the organisers received positive response from more than 30 interested parties to its ‘Invitation To Bi mulberry bags d’ tender notice, which closed on March 27.

It is learnt that around 18 to 20 bidders had put in their money on ISL either through forming a consortium or individually. This is for the first time that a franchise property in sports in India has elicit such a response from the business as well as sports and Bollywood community.