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In Latria it is impossible to go from 3 2 back to 3 1, without going by the Nexus. Most players will want to defeat both the NPC Black Phantom and the Primeval Demon in one go, to avoid achieving Black World Tendency more than once. It is therefore advisable to start from 3 1 and take out Black Phantom Lord Rydell first, then move into 3 2 to deal with the Primeval Demon.3 2 Fool’s Idol Archstone map numbered sections below correlate to circled numbers on the map

Your starting point. Despite the likelihood of you falling to your death here a few times by mistake, at least you can read the map easily enough. Gargoyles will try to ambush you on this map. Sometimes dropping out of the darkness overhead, and other times pretending to be statues along the path. Look for pairs of glowing red eyes to identify them before you approach.

The left path leads to a Soul, and you will return to this spot later in the level. For now take the right path, but watch out for the Gargoyle ambush. On the next round platform there is a corpse on the backside of the torch sconce which has 6 Fresh Spice.

A Gargoyle drops from the sky as you approach the tower. If you turn right and follow that path you can find a bunch of items, including a lot of Moonlightstones. Point 18 is here too, so remember this spot. When you are done, return to the inside of the tower and go clockwise to ascend the stairs.

Th mulberry bags is little balcony is where you drop off to get the Rune Sword and Rune Shield. There are usually Messages or Bloodstains on the ground here if you play online. Take a small step out and aim for the walkway 20 feet below you. After you pick up the items you can step off onto the walkway back to the entrance. Continuing past point 4, as you approach the walkway, look up to find a Gargoyle attempting to ambush you from above. As you approach the area of Point 5, you can walk onto that leaning tower and get a Flamberge.

You will be ambushed by multiple Gargoyles along this walkway. Some even wait for you to pass and will ambush you from behind if you just blindly sprint along.

Before you climb up this tower, you can walk along that small lip on the outside, trigger the fog gate first to be safe. If you go a small distance to the right you will pick up some spice. Halfway up the tower a Gargoyle will ambush you. Despite the strange camera angles here, remember that you can block his attacks without much trouble. You can also blast him with Soul Arrow, using some of the free spice you found to keep yourself ready for a fight. Step past the elevator that lowers down to pick up a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes, then go on up. Be prepared to fight a Gargoyle when you get to the top.

Kill the Dreglings here to snap one of the chains holding up that giant heart. Also, if you have White World Tendency, you can climb the stairs here and a bridge will be repaired. This is where you get the key to free Lord Rydell in 3 1, a mulberry bags nd to open the eastern hallway at point 11 in 3 1. When you wish you proceed, go down the staircase. You’ll need to climb into those little cages to get lowered down to the Blood Swamp. Or, drop down to Point 8 to meet Yurt, the Silent Chief.

Now that you dropped down here, the way to proceed is to let Yurt, the Silent Chief go free. While he is evil, feel free to ignore him for now. If you do fight him and he falls, the next time you enter this area his armor will be found in a bag near this area. Once you beat a boss after freeing him, he will show up on the second floor landing of the Nexus, that flat empty floor just above the Archstones. He’ll start assassinating people if left alone. But kill him right away and you get two free Souls from new corpses added to the Nexus. You can also grab his Gloom Armor there without worrying about weight; just talk to Stockpile Thomas and return to the second floor landing to get the rest. After you free him, take his cage down to the Blood Swamp.

Warning: If you attack Yurt with either magic or range weapons without first talking to him, he will turn hostile. This means you cannot talk to him and therefore lose the opportunity to free him and take the cage down. You will effectively be stranded, since Yurts cage is the only way to proceed safely from this location. You will need to restart the level. Either Evacuate, use the nearby Shard of Archstone or suicide. When you next run the level, use the cage which precedes the drop onto Yurts location to continue.

There is another Prisoner Horde in this area of the Blood Swamp. Fight him the same as the other one. Just hide behind one of the pillars nearby and trade ranged shots. Be wary of the Giant Man Centipedes as well. Not only do they have a jumping tackle that can break your guard, but when they split from their tail they spew vile junk on you that needs to be healed with a Lotus. Get the Fragrant Ring to the west of this point for MP Regeneration. Notice the Ring of Disease Resistance on the dead end hillside at the left of the swamp.

Three Giant Man Centipedes wait in ambush here. Lure them out and kill them with ranged attacks. You don’t want them to tackle you or mulberry bags give you the Plague by participating in three on one fight.

Say hello to your first Black Phantom Guard. It’s a Mind Flayer so be prepared for his ranged magical attacks. This guy patrols on the stairs here. Try hiding behind a pillar on the right and attacking his back when walks away from you. He is slow to turn if you sprint towards him and strike.

There is a Giant Man Centipede behind the pillar here. So don’t go stepping out blindly. And be prepared as there is another one that follows.

You’ll notice a Crystal Lizard here, near the far Giant Man Centipede. Be careful as one of the Giant Man Ce mulberry bags ntipedes is hiding behind the second tentacle. If you spook the Crystal Lizard and he falls to his death, you can backtrack to the walkway leading up to Point 11 and pick up the Moonlightstones (Chunk and Pure) from his corpse. Also, notice that you can walk between the two tentacles at this point for some Old Spice.

As you walk past this wall, be wary of a Crossbow Gargoyle flying on your right side. He may kill you if you walk along blindly.

Pick up the soul on this tower than wait, and wait, and possibly wait some more for the express elevator to show up. As you ride up it, be ready for the ambushing Gargoyle at the top. Raise your shield and boldly step off the elevator ready to fight.

This is the second chain tower. As before, kill the Dreglings casting the spell to keep the chain intact. The heart should now collapse, opening the way to the boss, and to a nice treasure cache.

Be wary of the Gargoyle who attacks from the darkness as you get ready to approach the end of this walkway. Once you drop down, you are near the beginning of the level again. Be wary of new Giant Man Centipedes released from the destroyed heart.

Enter the now crushed heart tower and go right and proceed down the stairs outside to reach this point, being careful of the new Giant Man Centipedes . Take a counter clockwise path through this inner area. This puts you behind a number of the Giant Man Centipede inside. For your troubles you get a Ring of Avarice a Gold Mask, an Epee Rapier, and some Souls and Old Spice and a Stone of Ephemeral Eyes. When done, return to the previous area and climb the tower again.

This time you can keep going clockwise and climb a free hanging staircase. There is a Renowned Hero’s soul behind the staircase. The lip on the outside protects you from falling off on that side, but the inside is open and treacherous.

There is another Black Phantom Mind Flayer here. Wait for him to approach then turn his back. Sprint forward and attack him with melee or ranged attacks. Run away before he turns around completely. Sprint down the stairs a bit and, when he stops running and begins looking left and right, get ready to double back. Once he turns away again, repeat the process until he dies.

mulberry bags Soulful crooner wins VGC Idol

Soulful crooner wins VGC Idol 2010

But the glowing smile King wore as she belted “Mustang Sally” outdid them all at the second annual VGC Idol competition at Lake County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Without slowing down, her groove and soulful voice would best 10 other performers to claim the championship trophy Tuesday afternoon.

“Oh, I was thinking that I was not going to win, but I won today,” said the 30 year old Madison resident, who does piecework and housekeeping in Work 2, a high production cluster of the board’s Vocational Guidance Center.

She still beamed as, arms full of prizes, she left the room that had once held more than 200 cheering fans.

“Oh, it feels real happy, I’m really proud of myself,” she said. “That’s the first time I done that, and I’m gonna do it again.”

Tuesday’s production, featuring the talent of 11 individuals with disabilities, felt more grandiose than the event’s surprisingly successful debut in 2009.

It boasted a stronger stage set, two more contestants, flashier costumes and props, and many more decorations and prizes clear reflections of the year’s pent up excitement for another show.

King walked away with $50 in cash and $35 in gift cards; soulful runner up Julie Underwood, who sang “Independence Day” by Martina McBride, earned $25 in cash and $25 in gift cards; all four finalists won $10 in cash and $20 in gift cards; and all 11 performers got goody bags.

Kicking things off in energetic fashion, last year’s male winner Ed Nagy honored his late friend, Beth, by singing and dancing to “Billie Jean” by Michael Jackson, and last year’s female winner Candy Szekely honored Patrick Swayze by dancing to “Do You Love Me” by The Contours.

Other participants were, of Work 1 High Production C mulberry bags luster, Ellie Vargo singing “How You Remind Me” by Nickelback, Tammy Poldiak dancing to “YMCA” by the Village People, and Carolyn Gray singing “Doggie in the Window” by Patti Page; of Work 2 High Production Cluster, finalist Nicole Memory singing “Love Potion 9″ by The Clovers; finalist Anna Rodgers singing “Consider the Lilies” by Joel Hemphill, and Shelley Braden telling jokes; and of Work Training 2, Raymond Buchter dancing to “Jive Talkin’ ” by the Bee Gees.

Lake County Commissioner Daniel P. Troy joined three employee judges to narrow the field to four and award mulberry bags a winner based on applause. Superintendent Elfriede Roman also rated the clapping and cheers and said it was one of her most dif mulberry bags ficult annual tasks.

“I never thought they could outdo last year’s, but this was just tremendous,” she said. “They get up there and just sing like that, I’m just amazed, mulberry bags and nobody has stage fright.”

King simply had that winning stage presence, Roman added. “Oh, Wilson Pickett would be proud. He could use her as his backup singer. And that smile, the whole time that she was singing, that beautiful smile!”

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