mulberry handbags Sometimes luggage gets lost

Sometimes luggage gets lost

I was probably the last person any traveller wanted to see. My news was always bad news baggage delays, the occasional damage or worst, no news, which ty mulberry handbags pically meant “lost,” though I was careful to avoid the word for fear of having my head (figuratively) ripped off by a red faced passenger.

During this short tenure, I witnessed many life lessons. And now, as someone who has experienced both ends of a baggage calamity, I can say with confidence that while inconvenience is often inevitable, true disaster can be avoided.

Baggage delays, for instance, happen for many reasons, but they usually fall into two categories: weight/balance issues, or human error. Both are equally dicey in terms of outcome, but neither have to ruin your trip.

It all begins at home. Let’s be honest: Most people throw things into a bag and call that packing. In a best case scenario, nothing bad will come of this haphazard method. But let’s throw icy weather conditions into the mix. In technical terms, this translates into a reduced maximum take off weight (MTOW): The plane needs to shed some pounds, and fast. The first thing to be taken off? That’s right, baggage.

I cannot tell you how many times I had to inform people that their luggage had been delayed only to hear the furious reply that their car keys, medication, house keys et cetera were packed away in said absent suitcases.

“How could you be so thoughtless?” I wanted to shout while shaking them wildly. Of course, I could do no such thing. All I could offer was caution, reminding the hapless travellers to keep necessities in arm’s reach. That’s what a carry on is for!

I have not checked luggage in years. Ever since watching the film Up in the Air, I have aspired to be as good a traveller as Ryan Bingham, played by George Clooney. Bingham packs his carry on suitcase with such care and precision that he moves through security c mulberry handbags heckpoints with the poise of a Dior Homme model. He treats travel like an art form, while most of the travellers I had the displeasure of dealing with treated the airport experience as a necessary evil.

The last time I did check a bag it was left overnight in Toronto; I was left inconsolable and without a Williamsburg worthy change of clothes in New York. Making matters worse, it happened under the care of my colleagues, who only laughed at my pain. In retrospect, I should have purchased traveller’s insuran mulberry handbags ce, mulberry handbags which would have turned my fate into a joyous shopping montage.

mulberry handbags Sometimes I envy the unmarried

Sometimes I envy the unmarried among us

Maybe it’s the season’s promise, the apple blossoms discarding their delicate confetti, buds falling to the pavement like tiny crushed brides, that makes even a recalcitrant old silver fox turn his thoughts to matrimony. Debonair George Clooney, the man the entire world wants to shag (or at least bathe with in decaffeinated coffee), is to marry British human rights lawyer, Amal Alamuddin.

Clooney’s mother describes the pair as intellectual equals, which is about as easy to swallow as a lukewarm mocha, considering that Alamuddin was advising the UN on the use of drones, and brushing up on her Arabic, while Clooney was dressing up in a spacesuit.

I reckon singlehood is quite a feat these days, what with endless celebrity nuptials on our screens and newsagent shelves groaning under the weight of glossy bridal magazines guiding readers through dark matrimonial arts such mulberry handbags as matching the groom’s sock garters to the table napkins.

There are more than 1.7 million married people in Ireland. Most are in their early 30s when they totter up the aisle. Statistically, only about 20 per cent of middle aged people remain unattached, according to an Irish Times survey published last weekend. Scattered like wild flowers among the stern topiary of my married friends are a couple of single women, contemporaries, whom (how can I put this delicately?) I occasionally envy.

“Would you like to marry?” I asked a fortysomething single friend the other night, as we eked out a potato omelette in a busy cafe and I pretended I didn’t have to go home and crawl under the stairs to find school bags sheathed in Easter holiday dust and confirm my nagging suspicion that no one had emptied the half eaten contents of the lunch boxes that had been thrown in there a fortnight ago.

“Yes,” she said, “as long as I didn’t have to live with him.”

I got married at 45, when I had reconciled my inner anti establishmentism with the realities of the tax system and the rigmarole that would be involved if I stepped under a bus one morning and my partner ended up having to adopt his own children.

“Why did you neve mulberry handbags r marry?” I asked.

“What do you mean, never?” She arched a superbly thre mulberry handbags aded eyebrow. ‘”The game’s not over yet. Our desire for love and sex, intimacy and friendship, doesn’t leave us until we are crumbled into our urns,” she said, forking the fluffy yellow egg into her pretty pink mouth.

“But you are happy being single,” I said, “and you’re successful, and you can afford to get your roots done every six weeks, and you have a brand new bicycle, and VIP gym membership with all the towels you can eat, and you wake up in the morning to the glorious rattle and hum of the dawn chorus, not to the heaving gasps of an arthritic electric shower that your spouse has been standing under for at least 15 minutes despite the mounting hysteria of detention threatened offspring who, although taller and fitter than either of you, still can’t find the toaster, their shoes, their homework or their bus fares.

“I think people get married because it’s the next thing on the list,” I added. “The next stop on life’s sightseeing tour. You’re born, you crawl, you walk, you take a gap year, you graduate, you take another gap year, you bungee jump in Borneo, waitress in Putney, sleep with someone entirely unsuitable and unforgettable in a rusting Winnebago in Calgary, get worn out using other people’s toothbrushes, eventually meet some bloke over the photocopier while you’re temping in a business park in Clongriffin, borrow 30 grand for the dress and the reception and the safety tested fireworks and th mulberry handbags e better be shagging perfect honeymoon and, hey presto, you alight at destination Happy Ever After.”

“Or maybe they’re rational, mature, confident adults who don’t have to be dragged kicking and screaming through life as if they’re about to be lobotomised,” my friend said, gesturing for the bill.

I dropped her home to pack her already ironed clothes for a business trip.

“The grass is always greener on the other side,” she said.

“Maybe,” I replied, “but I bet you a cerise pink fascinator and a lump of almond icing that nobody’s used your colour protect shampoo to clean their football boots.”

mulberry handbags Sometimes I can be a douche ba

Sometimes I can be a douche bag

He swears, he yells and he makes kick ass souffls local boy Dale MacKay, 30, has cooked his way through 11 episodes of Top Chef Canada and he doesn care if you don like him, he just wants you to taste his food.

not a very private person so I don really care what people think of me and I never really have unless I being a douche like in that last episode. Chef Canada is a reality series modeled after the American version of the same name that pits chefs against each other in elimination competitions for a grand prize of $100,000.

of the reason why I wan mulberry handbags ted to do Top Chef was so when I in interviews, I don have to give them fluff answers and talk about sustainable and local and organic like all the f time, boring. All the time, it every interview that you read about from every chef, and I just rather talk about food. competitive, MacKay has been known to butt heads with his fellow chefs more often than he repeats the phrase: is what it is. no Marcel [Vigneron] by any means. Vigneron was an American Top Chef competitor notorious for being disliked by the re mulberry handbags st of his competitors.

don have to be overly likeable. mulberry handbags I mean, Gordon Ramsey has done pretty well. 11 episodes he has faced stiff competition from Connie DeSousa, Dusty Gallagher and Rob Rossi, but no, he won tell you if he has won.

think Rob is a big favourite, he said. MacKay, Rossi and DeSousa are all tied with three elimination wins each.

the final f mulberry handbags our really are the final four, he said.

The hardest Top Chef challenge for MacKay, to date, was also his favourite Restaurant Wars.

was just hard it a lot of food to try and put out in a nice kind of way, in a kitchen you never been in, in a restaurant setting with f TV cameras and everything else hence the yelling. last week episode where MacKay had to fuse India and Trinidad cuisines into a street food dish, his least favourite challenge was Episode 2.

cheese challenge when we had to create a cheese canap that would match our partner personality? That was the stupidest thing I ever heard in my life. filming the show, MacKay headed back to reality.

He returned to Vancouver to start his restaurant Ensemble, which was open for five weeks before a water tank burst, flooding the floors and closing the restaurant.

always say to my son, which isn a good saying, but life is 80 per cent sh for 20 per cent good, he says. you willing to push through the 80 per cent, then the 20 per cent is fantastic. hopes to reopen Ensemble which is fine dining sans frills with an attractively low price point by Tuesday at the latest.