mulberry handbags Sonata for air bag issuesT

Sonata for air bag issues

The going fast part was handled by installing a fuel injected 3.0 litre inline six borrowed from MB’s new 300SL Gullwing sports car, detuned a bit to 195 hp for reliability, and likely improved torque. Plus a four speed all synchro gearbox.

Daimler AG

In the United States, Hyundai is recalling 199,118 Santa Fe vehicles from the model year 2007 to 2009, and in Canada, 29,679 vehicles from the model years 2007 and 2008.

Separately, Hyundai is recalling 24,438 Sonata s mulberry handbags edans in the United States and Canada for the model years 2012 2013, made from January to June this year, because the sid mulberry handbags e air bag may inflate unexpectedly, to the surprise of the driver.

The recall affects 22,513 Sonata in the United States and 1,925 in Canada.

The Santa Fe SUVs may have difficulty detecting small people in the front passenger seat so that the fron mulberry handbags t passenger air bag may not deploy in a crash, the NHTSA said.

Hyundai told regulators it needed to update its software on the Santa Fe and would do so without charge. It has not yet given the NHTSA a schedule for notifying customers.

The curtain, or side air bag, in the Sonata sedan “may inflate without deployment command and increase the risk of injury to occupants of the vehicle,” NHTSA said. Also, an air bag deploying when t mulberry handbags here is no crash or other normal cause for it doing so can hinder the driver’s ability to control the vehicle, the agency said.

mulberry handbags Sonam targets literature lover

Sonam targets literature lovers with her Aisha

Spicezee BureauNew Delhi: Sonam Kapoor has changed her Bittu’s prances to uber fashionable Aisha’s gait. An Indian adaptation of Jane Austen’s ‘Emma’, ‘Aisha’ is a completely different role for the fresh looking beauty Sonam Kapoor.

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“Every girl wants a perfect wedding. We want the perfect man. But the perfect man is not necessarily the perfect man for you on paper; maybe, a girl and boy may not be so amazing together. Aisha doesn’t know that. Emma as a character didn’t know that and she tried to control everything and everybody, she thou mulberry handbags ght that a puzzle should always fit perfectly. But she didn’t know that life’s not a puzzle; it’s a series of mish mashes that makes it so beautiful,” she said. Comparing her character from ‘Delhi 6′ to this glamorous one, she said, “Bittu was a girl and Aisha is a chil mulberry handbags d woman. Bittu was from Old Delhi and the lower middle class. Aisha’s from New Delhi, she lives near Aurangzeb Road, she might have a farmhouse in Chattarpur. Her dad will have an old Mercedes, and she likes to wear her mom’s old pearls and carry her vintage bags. She’s very classy, sophisticated and intelligent. She’s slightly spoilt. It’s fun playing this character.” Sonam’s portrayal is going to bring her under the scanner of literature lovers. mulberry handbags At this point, she gushes excitedly, “That was my main aim because I’m a literature a mulberry handbags ficionado too. But people should know that we’re not setting the film in Victorian England. We’re adapting it as beautifully as we can to New Delhi and we’re trying to make Mr Knightley and Emma as contemporary as we can.”

mulberry handbags Sonam Kapoor helps brother Har

Sonam Kapoor helps brother Harshvardhan bag

While Sonam Kapoor did not get any help from her family when she launched her film career, she helped her little brother Harshvardha mulberry handbags n land a role in Mirza Sahiba directed by Rakeysh Mehra, with whom she has done two films (Delhi 6 and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag).

Anil Kapoor informs that it was Sonam who got Harsh into the film. In fact, mulberry handbags she was supposed to be a part of the film, but she opted out. However, Sonam is reluctant to take credit, has told you all this? Harsh has got the role on his own merit. He excited about doing the film. Harsh is very talented and I know he is in the best hands. He met Rakeysh, showed him some of his auditions and worked hard to get the role on his own. asked if she would give Harsh acting tips, she says, am just four and a half years older t mulberry handbags han him so I don think I am qualifie mulberry handbags d to give him advice. I have only told him to work hard and never leave anything half way because those qualities have stood me good.

There time for him to find his own space. Harsh is only 23. He is a wonderful actor and if he works hard, he can achieve any heights, concludes the actress who appears on the cover of GQ India, in a hot avatar this month.