mulberry handbags Son sparks recycled jeans stor

Son sparks recycled jeans store

Reuse Jeans, an eco friendly denim company with its flagship shop in Laguna Beach, started when owner George Powell’s son, Luke, asked him a good question.

“We were taking bottles and cans to the recycling center in Dana Point, and he asked why we recycle,” Powell said. “I said we do it to preserve the earth for our children and our children’s children.”

A partner in a factory in mainland China, Powell produced jeans for Diesel, 7 For All Mankind, Rock Republic, American Eagle and many other familiar names in the denim industry.

One thing he noticed in the factory was the remnants. Bags of excess denim sp mulberry handbags anned rooms the size of warehouses. With his son’s curiosity mulberry handbags serving as a catalyst, Powell decided to create jeans made from the remnants, which otherwise would be burned in China.

Three years later, Reuse Jeans was born. The company uses 80% recycled cotton for its men’s and women’s denim lines.

The unused scraps are first cleaned and processed, then shredded into recycled cotton, combined with 20% raw cotton to maintain integrity and spun into spools to weave into fabric for new jeans.

It takes 1,600 gallons of water to produce 1 pound of cotton and it takes 2 pounds to produce one pair of men’s jeans. This means for every pair of men’s jeans, Reuse Jeans saves about 2,560 gallons of water.

Hosting a variety of styles cuts and colors such as skinny jeans in bright colors or dark wash boot cut with embroidered pockets eco friendly doesn’t mean design is thrown out the window.

“It’s great that you can take things that are normally disregarded and make use out of it,” said Stanley Kerlick, a customer from Laguna Niguel. “It just makes sense.”

Kerlick went back to the flagship store at 1020 S. Coast Hwy. twice in one week, first to grab a pair for himself and then for his wife.

“A lot of times you pay a really big premium for sustainable and you don’t with their products,” he said. “They’re reasonably priced an mulberry handbags d you’re helping save the planet.”

With men’s jeans about $125 and women’s about $95, Powell wanted to make the concept of sustainability a possibility for everyone not a luxury. Even though it’s more expensive to produce the jeans, he thinks it’s more important to mulberry handbags get the message out than to mark up the price.

mulberry handbags son sentenced in Guelph court

son sentenced in Guelph court for drug offences

David W. Cook, 55, of Clinton, Ont., was given 15 months in jail for possession for the purpose of trafficking almost 20 kilograms of mar mulberry handbags ijuana. He is prohibited from possessing firearms for 10 years.

His son, mulberry handbags Eli Cook, 24, was given a suspended sentence for possessing small quantities of ketamine (a horse tranquilizer), cocaine and psilocybin (magic mushroom). The Conestoga College student must also perform 35 hours of community service work.

Prosecutor David Doney said police executed a search warrant on the Cook residence on Dec. 16, 2010 to discover the marijuana in one and one half pound bags, as well as the other drugs. They also discovered two marijuana plants, drug paraphernalia, growing equipment and almost $4,700 in cash. The house was equipped with video surveillance cameras.

Court was told the street value of that quantity of marijuana when sold in small packages would exceed $325,000 though it would be worth considerably less if sold in bulk.

Eli Cook attorney, Matt Stanley, pointed to a generally favourable pre sentence report for his client, mulberry handbags which mulberry handbags indicated he was polite, positive and diligent in pursuit of an education and career.

But Doney said the report also stated Eli Cook had reduced his drug use to marijuana alone. And that troubled Doney.

marijuana and therefore smoking marijuana is illegal, Doney stressed. Smoking marijuana implied the young man was continuing to break the law he facing drug charges.

mulberry handbags Son Praise Air Bags After 2 Cr

Son Praise Air Bags After 2 Crashes

I couldn’t see anything,” Michael Hines said of his June 1990 accident. After mulberry handbags a couple of seconds it deflated and I realized it was the air bag.”

That was the first time.

Another collision came a few months later when William Hines, Carolyn’s husband and Michael’s father, was driving the same car in Williamsburg and another vehicle ran a red light.

Again the air bag inflated, this time saving William Hines fr mulberry handbags om a serious injury. The patrolman said the steering wheel would’ve gone right into my chest,” William Hines said. Senate Commerce Committee’s subcommittee on consumer affairs. Father and son will speak in support of a bill that would make driver and front passenger air bags mandatory on all cars by 1996.

Katherine Hu mulberry handbags tt, a spokeswoman for Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety, said about 4 million cars are now equipped with air bags. The group, a coalition of insurance companies and consumer and safety groups, estimates that 1,000 lives have been saved by air bags.

There’s a lot of people who walk away without a scratch who would have been seriously injured without them,” Hutt said.

A patent on air bags was filed in 1953, but car manufacturers showed little interest until mulberry handbags the 1970s. Air bags were optional on General Motors cars in the mid 1970s. But they were expensive and few consumers bought them, Hutt said. GM dropped air bags after 1976.

As of 1990, all automobiles are required to have either an air bag on the driver’s side or automatic seat belts on both sides.

Advocates estimate the cost of placing airbags on both the driver and front passenger sides between $200 and $250 per car.

Both Hines said it was difficult to describe the feeling of being hit by an air bag. The bag inflated in less than a second and was deflated before they knew what hit them.

It’s kind of a weird phenomenon,” William Hines said. It happens so fast you don’t know what’s happening. When it’s all over you sit and look at this thing in your lap.”

William Hines said there was no sensation of being slammed into the bag. It inflates and holds you right in the seat,” he said.

The Hines have no questions about the effectiveness of air bags. Before the first accident, William Hines gave little thought to air bags.

I’ve seen the commercials,” he said. I’ve always said if I bought a car I’d have air bags.”

William Hines praises Suttle Motor Corp., where the car is still undergoing repairs for the second accident, for fixing the air bag after the first crash.