mulberry sale Spanish heatwave total reaches

Spanish heatwave total reaches seven

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mulberry sale Spanish farmers take food co

Spanish farmers take food co

The idea originated in food co operatives, where consumers form groups to buy produce in bulk directly from farmers. But instead of waiting fo mulberry sale r potential customers to found a co op and find the farmers, Majorcan growers are now selling their products on a website called “Aforavila.”

Rafel just recently started selling his farm produce online. He says the website is mulberry sale boosting his business and helping Majorcans find products that are scarce on the island.

“One thing people can buy on the website is a basket delivered weekly with a varying selection of fruit, vegetables, eggs, some processed products, and even organic meat, which can be hard to come by,” Rafel says.

The Majorcan government sponsors the website with the Foundation for Innovative Technologies and the Spanish Ministry for Industry, Tourism and Commerce.

But with government funds comes government bureaucracy: Before Rafel could sell his organic products on the Aforavila website, he had to submit a myriad of paperwork, certificates and checklists.

The effort was worth it, says Rafel’s partner Mika: “We were intrigued by the idea from the start. It’s the first project of its kind on the Balearic Isles.”

Benefiting farmers and customers

Choices are few when it comes to competing with larger industrialized farms. Small farms are numerous but produce only a fraction of the overall agricultural output. Their prices are usually higher than what the mass producers ask.

Cutting out wholesalers and distributors helps level the playing field and creates a win win situation for farmers and customers. Farmers earn more than they would using a middleman, while customers pay less for their organic produce.

Carsten Reichel is one of Aforavila’s happy customers. The German has been living mulberry sale on Majorca for four years. During his breakfast break, he likes going to the farmers market where Rafel sells his lettuces and olive oils.

Rafel hands over a ready packed bag of produce that Carsten pre ordered online the night before. Carsten prefers online shopping to the bustling and hectic market: “It’s pleasant to sit at home, see what there is on offer and think about what you want to cook that week. Then, al mulberry sale l you have to do is click and buy.”

Rafel and his fellow farmers provide plenty of information about their products and farms on the website. Customers can even talk to farmers directly on a web forum.

Supermarket shoppers, on the other hand, know much less about what they buy. All the information available to them is the writing on the carton.

Studies show that the more consumers know about a product, the more likely they are to buy it. Especially with organic products, knowing exactly where they come from and how they are farmed is crucial to shoppers’ decision making.

Many farmers have decided to jump on the bandwagon and are opening their own Internet stores quite successfully. Some island farmers even take orders for their oranges and wine from places as far as Germany.

mulberry sale Spanish doctor in Operation Pu

Spanish doctor in Operation Puerto trial sentenced to 1 year

MADRID The doctor at the heart of cycling’s Operation Puerto doping scandal has been convicted, but the key evidence that could implicate more athletes are set to be destroyed preventing sport agencies from trying to uncover who else may have been cheating.

Spanish doctor Eufemiano Fuentes was found guilty Tuesday of endangering public health and given a one year suspended jail sentence in the Operation Puerto case. Fuentes was also barred from medical practice in sports for four years and ordered to pay a fine 4,650 euros (US$6,000).

But in a decision that drew criticism from some anti doping officials, Judge Julia Santamaria also said that the more than 100 blood bags that were seized seven years ago when police raided Fuentes’ Madrid clinics should be destroyed. That would rule out an mulberry sale y mulberry sale possible investigations by the World Anti Doping Agency and Spain’s national anti doping body, who have said they want to examine the bags to identify all the athletes involved. Santamaria said Spain’s privacy laws prevented the bags from being made available.

Several prominent cyclists have been identified in the scandal, but Fuentes testified that he also treated athletes from other sports without giving their names.

Ana Munoz, of Spain’s anti doping agency said she would appeal the decision to destroy the bags, arguing they contained vital evidence which can still be used.

“For the Spanish Anti Doping Agency it is very important to know the whole truth and, with this sentence, we only know a part of the truth,” Munoz said. “We know the truth that says that Dr. Fuentes is not a good doctor because he did some practices that are very bad for the health of athletes. But, on the other hand, it is necessary to know the names of the athletes”.

The bags contained red blood cells and plasma that had been separated by Fuentes from his patients through the use of sophisticated centrifuges.

According to the judge, Fuentes’ practices were aimed purely at improving athletes’ performances, but they also posed a threat to their health.

The judge said Fuentes timed blood extractions and transfusions with athletes’ race calendars, with the aim of improving their results and evading detection in doping controls.

Former professional rider Jesus Manzano, who was a plaintiff in the case and had sought compensation from Fuentes and others for allegedly endangering his life, said the verdict was far too lenient.

“For this kind of verdict you don’t even need to study to become a judge,” he said. “They’ve just made me waste another day of work.”

Manzano had given testimony detailing a range of doping techniques used to boost performance, telling Santamaria in February that two of the drugs he was given were developed for use in animals.

“Actovegin and Oxiglobin are for animals,” Manzano said. “We used to joke in the team that some days you barked and others you mooed.”

The court also sentenced former cycling team official Ignacio Labarta to four months in jail. It acquitted the other three people on trial: Yolanda Fuentes, Manuel Saiz and Vicente Belda.

Defendants who receive sentences of less than two years in Spain generally do not go to jail unless they have previous convictions.

Fuentes has 10 days to appeal.

WADA and Ana Munoz, head of Spain’s new anti dop mulberry sale ing agency, had requested access to the evidence contained in the blood bags for possible testing using the latest scientific techniques.

Although the bags will not be destroyed until appeals are heard, their eventual destruction puts an end to any further cases that could have been instigated by WADA or Munoz.

Operation Puerto implicated more than 50 cyclists, only a few of whom have been sanctioned for cheating. The case raised suspicions that the bags could have contained evidence linking other top athletes who used Fuentes’ services.

Fuentes testified during the trial that he had clients from other sports, including football, tennis, boxing and athletics, but they were not identified.

No cyclists were on trial because doping was not an offence in 2006 when police raided Fuentes’ clinics and laboratories. Spain has since passed anti doping legislation, with an even stricter anti doping bill to be voted on by parli mulberry sale ament this summer.

Madrid is bidding for the 2020 Olympics and Munoz has said she is determined to pursue a much harder line on sports cheats.