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Space station astronauts unpack bags

Monday’s work had involved repairs and these have mostly gone well. A broken Earth ISS communication system on the US built Unity module was fixed by replacing two electronics boxes.

On the Russian built Zarya module, 18 faulty meters were successfully replaced on six batteries which store solar power.

But the foam sound mufflers fitted over noisy fans and ducts inside Zarya had an unexpected effect the relative humidity rose to 60%. This occu mulberry sale rred because a kink in one of the mufflers hampered the air flow in one spot.

The problem appears to have been solved after the kink was straightened out. Flight director Mark Ferring said t mulberry sale he humidity al mulberry sale ways remained within acceptable limits.

The temperature in the space station was also up this morning, to a warm 25 Celsius (78 Fahrenheit). When the astronauts entered the ISS, the temperature was only 13 Celsius (55 F).

Home on Sunday

The hatches to the ISS will be sealed early on Thursday and Discovery will then pull away. The shuttle is due back on Earth on Sunday.

The $60bn ISS construction programme is the first truly international space mission. It brings the US, Russia, Japan, Canada and Braz mulberry sale il together with the 11 members of the European Space Agency.

The current mission, STS 96, is the first construction activity on the ISS since the first two pieces Zarya and Unity were launched late last year. It is due to be completed by 2005 after an estimated 158 more spacewalks.

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Space Saving Ways to Store Plastic Grocery Bags

Plastic grocery bags can be recycled, but they are also worth saving for household use. I use them to line wastepaper baskets and to hold cat waste that I promptly take out to the curb. However, they take up lots of room if space saving methods to store them are not creatively implemented. You do not have to buy a special holder. Stop shoving them in the open space next to the refrigerator, and use these space saving ways to store plastic grocery bags.

Use an mulberry sale Empty Coffee Can with a Lid to Store Plastic Grocery Bags Coffee cans with lids are worth saving for storage, and they are easy to transform into space saving holders for plastic grocery bags. Wash and dry a large plastic coffee can and the lid. If desired, wrap it with wallpaper, wrapping paper or fabric. Use a sharp utility knife to carefully cut a large x in the center of the lid. Cut out a small circle in the center of the x to remove the sharp points. You will be able to pull out plastic grocery bags one by one and store dozens in a single can.

A worn out shirt with an elastic sleeve is worth saving for craft purposes. Surprisingly mulberry sale , an old sleeve can be used in space saving ways to store plastic grocery bags. Simply cut off the sleeve just below the shoulder. Fold the raw edge over and stitch it to prevent unraveling. Fill it with plastic grocery bags, and add a color coordinating ribbon for hanging. As the photo shows, a single sleeve can be used to store dozens of plastic grocery bags. I store mine on the hinge of a mulberry sale utility room door.

Stuff Plastic Grocery Bags into an Empty Tissue Box

Empty tissue boxes are also worth keeping for space saving storage solutions. They are already colorful and covered with graphics, and they do not require added embellishments. Reinforce a tissue box of your choice by wrapping the edges of the opening with clear box tape or color coordinating duct tape. Stuff the box with mulberry sale plastic grocery bags. Store the box in a utility room or in another location where plastic grocery bags are used most often. It does not have to be hidden away. She won a top PMA from Associated Content in 2009 as well as numerous awards for her finel.

mulberry sale Space Saving Storage Bags That

Space Saving Storage Bags That Actually Work

Browse Articles Videos By CategoryFood DrinkHobbies, Games ToysThe company Space Bags is the original manufacturer of space saving bags for storage and allow you to triple or quadruple your storage space effortlessly. These space bags look almost like thick, clear, heavy plastic envelopes for clothes that have a side zipper and come in a variety of sizes. You fill each large envelope with clothes or bedding, and zipper it shut. mulberry sale In the center of each plastic bag is a black plastic hole with a lid that you open. That’s where you place the mouth of your vacuum cleaner and suck out all the air. As you suck out all the air, the bag and clothes will shrink and noticeably flatten. The bag and clothes in this state will be more rigid but easy to store in a suitcase, on the shelf of mulberry sale a closet or under the bed.Spacemaker compression bags are ideal for when you’re packing for a trip and need extra storage space in your suitcase. Unlike most space bags, which require a vacuum, these space bags don’t; th mulberry sale ey instead rely on force. You fold your clothes as you normally would, and then zip up the bags and roll them into tight little bundles. As you roll them, the air in the clothing leaks out, making begs and clothing more compact. The bags don’t reduce the weight of the clothing, however, which is something you need to be aware o mulberry sale f when traveling by air, but they do leave extra space in your suitcase.