mulberry sale Spanish Congress rejects Catal

Spanish Congress rejects Catalan independence referendum

Spain’s Congress yesterday rejected Catalonia’s plan to stage a referendum on independence, with a tense debate on the issue followed by a vote that blocked the initiative.

As expected, an overwhelming majority 299 out of 347 deputies voted against the motion, which sought to grant Catalonia the powers to hold the ballot. Both the governing Popular Party and the main opposition Socialists voted against.

Despite the failure of the parliamentary motion, nationalists insisted durin mulberry sale g the debate that they will push ahead with their independence campaign and a referendum they have already scheduled for November 9th.

Joan Herrera of the ICV leftist green party used stronger language, accusing those opposed to the referendum of being “prisoners of the anti Catalan mindset that you have sown for years and years”.

The absence from Congress of Catalan regional premier Artur Mas, the figurehead of the independence drive, highlighted how divisive the issue has become he had claimed rejection of yesterday’s parliamentary motion was a foregone conclusion he did not wish to witness. Meanwhile, the participation of prim mulberry sale mulberry sale e minister Mariano Rajoy in the debate reflected its significance for Spain’s unionists.

Relying heavily on the legal arguments he has frequently used to justify his opposition to the referen mulberry sale dum, Mr Rajoy said the constitution did not allow a Catalan ballot on the region’s relationship with Spain.

The government’s position was supported last month by the Constitutional Court, which ruled a “declaration of sovereignty” made by the Catalan regional parliament lacked legal foundation. The court did say a referendum on the region’s “right to decide” could be possible, but only within the confines of the constitution.

However, as he addressed Congress yesterday, Mr Rajoy moved away from technical questions and softened his tone as he highlighted the importance of Catalonia’s relationship with Spain.

“I defend Catalonia remaining part of Spain because I can’t imagine Spain without Catalonia or Catalonia outside Spain,” he said. “It’s a question of emotion, of feeling, of a shared history.”

The prime minister even surprised onlookers by uttering a few words in the Catalan language, as he insisted the region’s culture was not repressed by Madrid, as nationalists often claim.

While the debate emphasised the entrenched positions of separatists on the one hand and the government on the other, the Socialist opposition reiterated its proposal of an alternative solution.

The Socialist initiative would grant Catalonia increased powers in areas such as the economy, but not full independence. However, so far neither the government nor the Catalan nationalist lobby has appeared willing to embrace it.

mulberry sale SPAN about gun ownershipSp

SPAN about gun ownership

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C SPAN John McArdle interviewed Emily Miller about issues related to gun control and the Second Amendment. The video, courtesy of C SPAN, of the Jan. 22 Journal show is below.

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