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Some frustrated workers quit in weird ways

The 23 year old snuck members of a brass band into the Providence hotel where he worked and had them strike up a lively Serbian folk song just as he turned in his resignation letter. DeFrancesco posted a video of the dramatic resignation on YouTube in mid October.

In the weeks since, he has garnered a chorus of cheers from the discontented working class. The video has been viewed more than 2.8 million times. It has more than 20 mulberry ,000 “likes” and more than 4,600 comments such as “I would have so loved to do that to a few of my employers!”

DeFrancesco joins a growing list of workers who have exited their jobs in an extravagant manner. They include a wide range of employees from an array of professions, including fast food workers, journalists, salespeople, even a tech company CEO.

While some people have a natural penchant for all things dramatic, including giving notice, many of these over the top resignations come from frustrated workers who’ve reached a boiling point. “They feel overwhelmed and undervalued. . It comes to a point where they just want to open their doors and shout out, ‘I just can’t take it anymore!’ ”

It’s easy to see why folks may want to go out swinging, says human resources consultant Peter Ronza. Yet, it’s usually a bad idea.

An extreme exit can show bad judgment, and word can quickly spread to a potential employer, especially via social media.

“Have a target of your boss at home that you use a paint gun on” to get frustrations out, he says. “But your presence at work is your brand. It’s what you’re going to carry on to your next employer.”

Still, he acknowledges that it’s tough to stay tranquil when burdened with an ever increasing workload. “It just beats a person down,” he says.

Four in 10 employees say their work stress level has increased in the last six months, according to a CareerBuilder survey from late this summer. Two in 10 feel burned out. (USA TODAY parent Gannett is a part owner of CareerBuilder.)

More than half of workers say they have more responsibilities than at the start of the 2007 recession, with 70 percent saying they have not gotten a pay increase to compensate for the added work, according to a survey from employee support services provider Workplace Options.

Many wo mulberry rkers simply feel like “an anonymous cog in a wheel,” says Kreamer.

Building up resentment

Joe Sale, who joined daily deal coupon company LivingSocial in August 2010, grew increasingly frustrated with his working conditions. He initially enjoyed the job as a marketing consultant, but “that feeling turned to resentment and then to bitterness,” he says.

He says pressure to meet quotas increased as commissions fell, he wasn’t able to reach the earnings potential that was discussed when he was hired, and he received less management support than workers in other markets. He attached a note that said, “Treat your sales force like trash and see how bad your company starts to ‘stink.’ ”

Sale, who works in St. Petersburg, says he wasn’t going to make his monthly sales quota and decided to resign rather than wait to be fired.

With the trash bag delivery, he wanted to send a message about his unhappiness as a regional employee. “I didn’t want to be overly rude,” he says, “but at the same time, I wanted to do something that would make an impact.”

He hasn’t heard back from the company. In a statement. LivingSocial spokesman Andrew Weinstein said: “We don’t talk trash about our former employees, but we think this was an isolated issue, as we were recently ranked a top company where employees love coming to work, and most of our employees adore their jobs and the company.”

A public declaration

Thanks to technological advances, workers now have more ways than ever to make a grand exit. They can bid adieu via a list of gripes sent to a company’s global e mail list, disseminate scathing information through Facebook or Twitter, bash an employer on a blog and upload videos of their departures on YouTube.

Sale says mulberry he let his 1,500 plus Facebook friends know about his unconventional exit, posting a photo of the trash bag and note. Those friends include about 50 current and former LivingSocial employees, he says.

Last year, Sun Microsystems CEO Jonathan Schwartz quit via Twitter. Days after Oracle acquired Sun, he tweeted: “Today’s my last day at Sun. I’ll miss it. Seems only fitting to end on a haiku. Financial crisis/Stalled too many customers/CEO no more.”

In September, TechCrunch columnist Paul Carr used his column to announce his official resignation and to criticize the site’s new editor.

Very public notice by employees will mulberry likely continue, with younger workers more apt to broadcast their malcontent, workplace experts say.

Workers in their 30s and older typically “have enough life experience that you learn to bite the tongue and to not to overreact,” says executive search consultant Charley Polachi.

Younger workers are also accustomed to sharing many aspects of their lives with the people around them, says Kreamer. “They all are very comfortable with sharing and revealing things that an older generation may have thought was too private or provocative.”

Another reason workers might think it’s okay to go rogue: Outrageous behavior is often highlighted, even celebrated, in many areas of society.

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The Kaiser Network tipped us off to a Wall Street Journal article (subscription required) about the increasing number of hospitals banning post birth gift bags with free formula; studies have shown that women who receive these gift bags had lower breast feeding rates than women who did not or who received breast pumps. There legislation afoot in Texas, California and Massachusetts to ban the gift bags, but similar measures have failed to pass, so some are attempting to change hospital policy through a campaign called the Bags. Some hospitals like Kaiser and Brigham and Wom mulberry en Hospital have already banned the formula bags.

A mountain out of a milk duct? Perhaps, but it always seemed especially pernicious that hospitals give women leaving with their newborns goody bags of formu mulberry la along with lectures about the importance of breast feeding. At the moment when you sleep deprived and vulnerable the perfect captive audience! they give you this bag loaded with crap including a ton of propaganda that promotes various formulas as the best alternative.

I consider myself pretty immune to consumer crap, but after the births of both my daughters, I sat down and dutifully read through the hospital gift bags as if they contained important medical secrets. Part of me couldn believe that a hospital would let companies take advantage of my patronage to push a bunch of nonmedical and even not terribly healthy products. In the mulberry end, it all went in the round file, but it not surprising to me that free formula has a measurable effect on women breast feeding behavior. After all, if goody bags didn work, why would companies distribute t mulberry hem?

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