mulberry bags Sonic Screwdriver and Apparel

Sonic Screwdriver and Apparel

All the Dr Who Clothing, Bags and Stuff you ever Dreamt OfI just bet that if you are reading this you are at least aware of the TV phe mulberry bags nomenon that is Dr Who. No? Well here is a bit of history for you. The BBC in England first aired Dr Who in 1963 in a continuous series mulberry bags right the way through till 1985. With the exception of a single telemovie, it took a break till beginning again in 2005. Since first appearing in an episode it has grown to become of of the series icons; right up there with the Tardis and of course those pesky Darleks. And now you can buy a replica your mulberry bags self!Let’s look at some of its features:

One end with a purple UV light

At a cost of just over $20, what a perfect gift for a “Whovian”, (a Dr Who fan didn’t ya mulberry bags know?), or for yourself if you happen to be one of the millions of keen Whovians out there!With 10’s of thousands sold around the world, there are certainly some happy Whovians:”I purchased the Sonic Screwdriver as a Christmas gift for my 7 year old daughter. It was a huge hit! She was more excited about it than any of her other gifts””I bought this toy for a friend who I introduced to Dr. Who and is now obsessed. She absolutely flipped out when she opened the bag and saw this toy!”Ok, Sonic screwdriver firmly in hand, lets have a look at some more Dr Who merchandise out there. Well, where to start! There is in fact so much stuff, that it is simply impossible to list them all here. Never mind it is easy to find A Cool Selection of Dr Who Stuff, including: