mulberry bags Sons of AnarchyGemma: That

Sons of Anarchy

Gemma: That’s where you’re wrong. You have no baby. You lost that privilege. [Grabs Wendy by the throat] You so much as cast a shadow on that kid, try to turn some legal screw and get custody, I will finish this job. He will never call you “mommy”. [Releases Wendy, and throws a Bible on her table] I suggest you turn to Jesus. [Gemma exits]

[Wendy opens the Bible, to find a needle f mulberry bags illed with crank inside]

Gemma: [about Abel] You gotta go see him, Jax.

Jax: I can’t.

Gemma: Why? He’ll break your heart? It’s called being a father.

Jax: For how long? A day mulberry bags ? A week?

Gemma: You know, you were born with that same heart defect your little brothe mulberry bags r had. [She lightly punches his chest] Seems pretty sturdy to me. I’ve been through hell, landed on my feet. Your father was hit by a goddamn semi, dragged 178 yards. And that bastard lived for two more days. Teller’s do not die easy.

Jax: No, we just die bloody.

Clay: I never sold gun one to the Mexicans. Now I need for you to show me a little respect, and giv mulberry bags e me a few more days for delivery.