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Sorting the facts on vacuum cleaners

Wednesday, Oct.

When a reader asked for my input in choosing a new vacuum cleaner, I started checking out a number of models and special features. What I found was a wide disparity in prices and available information.

Choosing a new vacuum cleaner shouldn’t be difficult, but the number of models and options requires that the buyer must know more than whether or not to buy an upright or a canister style.

Uprights outsell canisters by a large margin. They’re affordable, perform well, are lighter weight, easier to store and, for the most part, are reliable. Canisters are generally more expensive, heavier, and attachments are not easy to store and are more cumbersome.

I gave up on canisters a long time ago and have been happy with a dependable upright Hoover that’s lasted a long time.

Vacuum cleaners are not known to be long lasting. They are among the most troublesome of all household appliances. When, after a short time, my previous vacuum required repairs that were almost as much as the purchase price, I dumped it in favor of the Hoover.

A number of good uprights can be purchased for well under $300. Some cost as little as $70, but they can cost more than $1,000. Canisters range in price from $75 to as much as $1,100.

There is no way, today, that I co mulberry bags uld ever be convinced to buy one of the well ballyhooed upright models that sell for more than $1,000. That’s a ridiculous price for a home vac. I know.

When I was much younger and more susceptible to sales pitches, I convinced my spouse that the purchase of a vacuum “made to last a lifetime” made good sense. Unlike the demonstration model, the infernal machine that I received was so heavy that my back ached after every use and was so noisy I couldn’t bear to use it.

In spite of all the “money back” promises, I couldn’t convince the company to take it back because they said it performed as promised.

The only justification for those higher priced vacuums is the large commission the sales people earn. That’s of little satisfaction to a consumer.

The Consumer Reports annual Buying Guide agrees with me.

Until my previous vacuum, it was my belief that the higher the amps and horsepower, the better the cleaning. Not necessarily so. The one I gave up in favor of the Hoover was higher in both and did a so so job.

In the tests done by CR, and from my own experiences, there is no correlation between amperage and peak horsepower and performance.

Consumer Reports rates the Sharp Twin Energy Vacuum (model EC 12TWT4, $160) a “best buy,” excelling in deep cleaning, very good on hard surfaces, very good on air cleaning and noise.

I found this paragon of vacuums at Montgomery Ward for $149 and at Circuit City, on sale until Saturday, for $142.49.

For those concerned about air quality, there are some ordinary models that do a good job of filtering dust particles without a spec mulberry bags ial HEPA (high efficiency particulate arresting) filter. CR recommends the “best mulberry bags buy” (under $200) Hoover Dimension Supreme, U5227 930.

Regardless of whi mulberry bags ch model you choose, make certain it’s comfortable to use. Look for an on/off switch high on the handle and a long cord that can be released easily. Disposable bags that are easy to insert are a must. Don’t fall for the higher priced microfiltration dust bags.