mulberry bags SOS Dark Circles and Bag cream

SOS Dark Circles and Bag cream

Strixaderm MD SOS Dark Circles and Bag cream

is a fast acting and clinically proven mulberry bags treatment against dark circles and puffiness that form under the eye. We have known for years that the area around the eyes is made up of very fragile and sensitive skin. The skin aro mulberry bags und the eyes has, thus, become a reflection of our age, stress, worries and lack of sleep. This shows up both in the form of dark circles and discoloration under, and immediately around the eyes. It also shows up in the puffiness and bagginessunder the eyes. Strixaderm MD SOS Under Eye Cream attacks both of those issues in an easy to use, non sticky Eye Serum by utilizing groundbreaking technology with it’s HexaBlend 3,

DIDPETIDE 2is a peptide/protein that is used to fight lymphatic drainage. Didpetide 2 will help with the drainage process as studies have proven that defective drainage greatly contributes to the formation of bags under the eyes.

DIDPETIDE 2 is a peptide/protein that is used to fight lymphatic drainage. Keeping this pi mulberry bags gment red and not allowing it to degrade into a violet dark green color helps prevent the darkness in the rings under the eyes.

PALMITOYLOLIGOPEPTIDE is used to strengthen and repair the damaged cells, and avoid an appearance of “bruising” under, and around, the eyes.

LICORICE EXTRACTin a pure form has a very strong ability to inhibit Tyrosinase. Also an antioxidant, this specific Licorice Extract has been shown to be 25 times better at Tyrosinase inhibition then Kojic mulberry bags Acid.

TETRAHEXYLDECYLASCORBATE is a very specific form of Vitamin C that is used. One of the main benefits of Vitamin C in cosmetic products is its brightening/whiteneningeffect on the skin. TetrahexyldecylAscorbate delivers actual Vitamin C 50 times better than Ascorbic Acid. It has also been shown to decrease melanin up to 80%.

Strixaderm MDSOS Dark Circles and Bag Cream is a revolutionary ultra correction, dual action under eye cream that leaves the eye contour area smooth and immediately brightened while strengthening and protecting the skin against free radical damage and oxidation. Immediately under eye bags and puffiness are visibly reduced, dark circles diminished and the eyes appear less tiered. After several weeks of using Strixaderm MDSOS Under Eye Cream the process of dark circle and bag formation is prevented with a long lasting effect leaving the skin looking firmer, more radiant and younger.