mulberry bags Soul Calibur V DLC ReviewT

Soul Calibur V DLC Review

There are numerous DLC Packs available for SC5, but unless you are a mulberry bags collector you are probably wondering which packs are worth it and which packs are not. This guide will cover all available DLC, focusing on equipment only.

NOTE: Pictures in this thread are thumbnails, click to view the larger version.

NOTE: Verdict legend is as follow: Worth It definitely worth spending the money, Optional the pack contain item(s) that can be useful, Skip only get it if you have extra money.

NOTE: The review and verdict are biased toward creation of original characters and the p mulberry bags art compatibility with other parts.

NOTE: Even though you’re not planning to obtain any Cepheus Set items, I recommend you to at least download the free compatibility pack. This would make you able to see your opponent’s complete outfit at online battles.

Dark Knight White Knight

This pack is available via the Collector’s Edition or the PSN Soulcalibur V Legendary Edition. Unlike SC4’s Limited Edition DLC, you cannot obtain this from other region DLC (SC4 LE pack is obtainable from regular EU PSN Store). The Dark Knight set is mainly single colored, save for a few additional spots such as the tiny round crystal and glove color. Unless you want to make a knock off Sauron from Lord mulberry bags of the Rings, you will find few use of the Dark Knight Set. On the other hand, the White Knight set is dual colored (base and lining) and the set itself looks great, especially the Arms and Greaves. You will need these to complete all pattern and stickers.

Female Pack $1.99, 160MSP

This packs adds more decent female undergarment which SC5 lacks. The Amazon Undergarments is a decent metal underwear. The wings are hard to use, but they are amazingly detailed and with proper imagination, can look beautiful. This pack comes with additional face paints.

This pack contains female equipments:

Undergarments: Amazon Undergarments, Bikini with Pareo, Halter Top Bikini

Neck and Back: Butterfly Wings, Dragonfly Wings

A few decent collection of underwear for female.

The wi mulberry bags ngs are detailed. Shame it takes the slot for neck item.

Beast Pack $1.99, 160MSP

Both of the Isis equipment will make a good Egyptian theme, although Isis’ Breastplate will decrease bust size. The Oiran kimono is also a nice addition to otherwise generic kimono design. The beast heads are detailed, but looks dead, and by dead I mean taxidermy dead. This pack comes with additional face paints.