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Sound Blaster AXX 200 Wireless Sound System Review

Sound Blaster AXX 200 Wireless Sound System ReviewWith its unusual vertical, compact design, Creative’s new flagship stereo speaker system features touch controls and a multitude of wired and wireless connectivity options for your mobile phone, tablet, Mac, and PC. Most speakers have a more run of the mill rectangular shape.

Slightly below the touch panel is the NFC, or Near Field Communications, logo. Once a user has activated the NFC feature of his or her smartphone, he or she can gently tap the logo with it to pair the two devices. In theory, pairing the AXX 200 with another NFC capable device could not be much quicker or easier.

The panel to the right of the NFC logo has multiple analog buttons for playback and recording of any vo mulberry bags ice or music files located on the AXX 200’s micro SD card reader. Below the buttons are analog microphone and speakerphone controls. At the top of the control panel is the AXX 200’s rear microphone array and combination power/Bluetooth pairing button.

Near the base of the AXX 200, there is a headphone output, microphone or auxiliary audio source input, and the full size USB charging port. The micro USB port below is for directly charging the AXX 200’s internal battery with the included USB cable and AC power adapter.

The round, black tube above the analog input jacks is the AXX 200’s bass port. It is similar to what you would find on a dedicated sub woofer or full range speaker, but the port is quite small. Therefore, I do not expect the same bass impact or rumble in the mid and sub bass ranges that I would expect from a dedicated sub woofer.

The bottom of the AXX 200 is fitted with a shallow rubber cover that keeps the speaker from sliding and reduces vibration while audio is being played. The round center ring you see is actu mulberry bags ally the rim of a removable rubber cap that protects the AXX 200’s two charging contacts. For recharging to begin, the contacts must be placed atop two corresponding pins in the middle of the AXX 200/100 Docking Station.

Lastly, Creative included a drawstring cloth carrying bag for taking the AXX 200 and its USB cable on the go.

Overall, the AXX 200 looks extremely sharp and innovative in both its appearance and design. It became the topic of conversation wherever I took it. Some of the Bluetooth speakers that I have seen thus far look very much like updated versions of the rectangular, horizontally mulberry bags placed speakerphones that I grew up with in the 70s and 80s.

Typically, USB sound devices perform sound effects processing in software and that processing requires CPU overhead. CPU processed audio is usually less than stellar in its quality and will occasionally exhibit lag, popping, or crackling if your system is under heavy load. The AXX 200 uses Creative’s SB Axx1 chipset which is a multi core audio processor and it performs effects processing in real time.

With the speaker grille removed, you can see that the left and right channel drivers are mounted perpendicularly to each other in the same enclosure. It seems that, although the two drivers have been mounted extremely close together, their opposite firing nature, or dipole design, should allow the AXX 200 to project a wider sound field than two drivers mounted in parallel. The Axx1 chipset and its DSP functions will provide a portion of the multi channel surround effects as well.

With this type of compact speaker design, it is important to note that there are no dedicated tweeters accompany mulberry bags ing the two mid range drivers. Therefore, I really do not expect as much high and mid range frequency separation as I would with two discrete hardware components.