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Checking luggage is a pain. It takes forever, and sometimes, you never receive your bags. Here are some tips on how to pack lightly and tightly so that you can avoid checking bags altogether.1) Make a packing list . Don use one of the comprehensive lists, easily found on the internet; make it specific to your needs. A list serves two functions:a) It prevents you from forgetting anything.b) It prevents you from packing unnecessary items. If you think you might need it, you don 2) Edit the list. Check the weather report, and don pack winter clothe mulberry bags s if you traveling to Miami in July. Pick clothing that you can mix and match so you don have to pack as many items. Add items sparingly and only as necessary.3) Shrink what you do need to bring.a) Pack toiletries in small containers. You don need your entire bottle of shampoo for a two day business trip. Besides, you probably not allowed to carry on (pdf file) larger bottles of liquids.b) Photocopy pages from travel guides, and bring art mulberry bags icles instead of entire books.4) Pack tightly. Roll your clothing, and use reusable compression bags to save room. Stuff underwear, hose, and socks into small spaces (like the insides of shoes) that would otherwise go unused.With regards to bringing books along, leave them where you are staying, if thats appropriate. In out of the way places, like French Polynesia, its nice to have a library at the resort, stocked with books left by tourists. Its not just good for other tourists, but it also gives an opportunity for the staff and their families to read the mulberry bags latests novels that normal mulberry bags ly take a long time to trickle in their direction. Some of these places don’t have proper public libraries the way we have in the states. Sometimes we take books we aren’t even going to read, just to stock the place with good reading materials.I would add a couple more tips. 1) Pack clothing that can be discarded along the way, after some wearings. That’ll free up more space on the way home.2) If you are traveling as a family, pack chronologically, rather than by family member. You pack all the stuff for the first couple of days, for all the people, in one bag. If you are travelling by car, that means that you don’t have to even bring in some bags. If traveling by plane, have the first day or so, for everybody, in a carry on so that you have clothes if your luggage gets lost.3) If traveling by plane, pack a small sturdy duffle in your luggage. It allows you to better distribute weight throughout the luggage to avoid paying for overweight bags. Also, think about doing this distribution when you are packing to go home, rather than at the ticket counter.