mulberry bags sound much louder than a whisp

sound much louder than a whisper

Especially the logistics of touring.

“Just to get that many people to stop for a coffee in the morning or get showered takes a lot of planning,” says Michael Dawson, keyboardist and lyricist for alt pop collective Library Voices.

The Regina dectet which has been whittled down to an eight piece for its current tour i mulberry bags s crossing the country in a 15 seat passenger van. Comfort, Dawson says, is not a perk.

“Not by any means. People have bags at their feet. But you adjust. You have your own cubby hole that you exist in.”

Dawson has been in enough bands to know that spending too much time in a van can lead to friction. In fact, he and Library singer Carl Johnson didn’t speak for years after folding their previous band Filmmaker.

“There was a lot of touring and not a lot of communication,” Dawson recalls. “But just having that relationship in the past has made it exponentially easier to deal with stuff when it comes up. Especially with me and Carl. We don’t hold a lot of grudges anymore, which makes things easier.”

For Dawson, Library Voices is a departure from h mulberry bags is past groups, with its more pop oriented sound and indie orchestral bent.

“One day we just got together and invited our friends and they showed up, brought some instruments and just stuck around,” he said.

While the songs on Library Voices’ 2008 EP, Hunting Ghosts Other Collected Shorts, and its upcoming debut CD, Denim on Denim, feature rich, layered instrumentation and relatively complex arrangements, the band can rock out with the best of them on stage.

“We sincerely get along with each other really well,” Dawson says. “But we spend a lot of time cooped up in the van and so when we can get out and just have some fun together I think that translates to chaos on stage. But to us, it’s just us having a lot of fun.”

Library Voices plays Friday night at The Gateway on the SAIT campus.

Calgary’s festival season mulberry bags was a busy one last year and two of the city’s most popular events have been recognized by CBC Radio 3.

The Calgary Folk Music Festival and Sled Island have made the Top 20 list for this year’s Searchlight competition for Canada’s best music festival. mulberry bags It’s the third year Radio 3 has run the contest, which “seeks out the best Canada has to offer musically.”