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Sous Vide At Home

Now almost anyone can be a sous vide chef, as the once obscure cooking technique becomes more popular and accessible”I’d be a little leery of the home cook” attempting to cook denser proteins in that way, he said, because it would be hard to maintain the desired temperature range over a longer period of time. Some meats are cooked for hours, even days, with more sophisticated sous vide equipment.

That’s where the SousVide Supreme and SousVide Magic come in. The Supreme claims to keep water at a desired temperature for days at a time, if need be. SousVide Magic promises to do the same thing by attaching to an ordinary rice cooker or slow cooker and turning the heat on and off to keep the temperature within a set range.

Even with that special equipment, home sous vide has its doubters.

“To me, that’s a little scary,” said Todd Eucke, senior marketing manager for Cuisine Solutions, an Alexandria, Va., firm that prepares sous vide cuisine for hotels and restaurants across the country.

Eucke said he just completed sous mulberry bags vide training by the company’s food scientist, Bruno Goussault, a sous vide pioneer who schooled super celebrity chef Thomas Keller in the method. In a commercial setting, he said, safety is ensured by sophisticated computer controls and special thermometers that read the core temperature on each piece of protein without breaking the water seal on the bag.

It wasn’t that long ago that the same fears were raised about commercial sous vide. When sous vide first hit the New York City restaurant scene in 2006, health inspectors ordered some of the city’s finest dining establishments to cease the practice, The New York Times reporte mulberry bags d at the time. Health officials, worried that the low heat cooking and airtight packaging were a perfect recipe for botulism, have since drawn up safe handling rules, the paper later reported. (Baltimore health officials had not encountered sous vide in cit mulberry bags y restaurants and did not have an opinion on the matter.)

New York’s chief of food safety, Elliott Marcus, even told The T mulberry bags imes recently that home sous vide is safe as long as the food is “cooked to the usual safe temperatures.”.