mulberry handbags Some of the coolest stuff seen

Some of the coolest stuff seen at The Motorcycle Show

Not much motorcycling going on Canadian roads this winter, unless you’re one of those hardy souls who ride year round with no sense in your head and lots of long underwear swaddling your nether regions.

But there is lots of motorcycle action to be had indoors, such as in The Motorcycle Show (operated by Power Sport Services) crossing the country this winter.

This past weekend the show touched down at Toronto’s Direct Energy Centre, a newish venue, bigger and better than in previous bike shows, even though the hot dogs and pizza slices still cost eight bucks or so.

I love motorcycle shows almost more than automotive shows, mostly because of this fact: cars have adjustable seats and steering wheels and motorcycles don’t.

Consequently, motorcycles have to fit your body type and your preferred riding position before you could even consider anything else about it And the only way to determine a mulberry handbags good fit is to throw a leg over the bike and sit on it. A motorcycle show lets you do that over and over again, even if you’re not in the market for anything and just doing it for curiosity sake.

Way more entertaining than trying on jeans for example, and also less claustrophobic.

Of course there are always bikes on a show floor you can’t sit on, because they’re super special in some way, and the Toronto show had tw mulberry handbags o such knockouts: the Triumph Streamliner called the Castrol Rocket and the century old Indian Boardtrack Racer.

The Castrol Rocket is built to break the world land speed record for motorcycles, currently set at 605 kilometres per hour. The goal of the Castrol Rocket is 643 km/h.

The 25 foot long “motorcycle” has Carbon Kevlar monocoque construction, and two turbocharged Triumph Rocket III engines running on methanol, for about 1,000 horsepower, give or take.

Even though quite a few motorcycles have been designed since 1913, many feel the Indian Boardtrack factory racer, mulberry handbags circa 1913, to be one of the most beautiful and purist motorcycle designs ever conceived.

I guess it helps when you don’t have to put a lot of extraneous features on the bike, like rear suspension, a starter, lights and brakes! These bikes really only have two controls, a spark advance and a kill switch.

These bikes are rare and incredibly valuable, b mulberry handbags ut this particular one is even cooler, because it is an original, in unrestored condition and believed to be actually raced in Toronto back in the day, by legendary Canadian motorcycle board track and flat track racer, Harold Cole.

So the Castrol Rocket was the fastest bike at the show and the Indian was the oldest. Let’s look at a couple of other categories you might be wondering aboutFrilliest? Probably the 2014 Indian Chief, by virtue of its totally vintage and outlandish leather fringed side bags.

Most Frugal? Probably the new 2014 Honda Grom. Not only is it small, but the 125 cc powered bike is also a category buster. What is it? Big mini bike? Small motorcycle? Medium weight lifting equipment?