mulberry handbags Some parents claim we ought to

Some parents claim we ought to loosen up about pot use

Recently a parent mailed in her concerns about pot use among teens she felt quite strongly that pot use was completely of mulberry handbags f limits from her perpective. The vast majority of parents who responded agreed strongly with that point of view. As though pot hurts anything. We do have to learn to fit it into our lives, hopefully o mulberry handbags ur own way; but in everyNation in the world including this one, Can/America, there are good parents who share pot with fetuses, infants who breastfeed, kids who ask to share, and teens who get it from their own parents and older siblings. Are we trying for the top rung of the self righteousness ladder; or do we want our kids to be prey when they get out in the world.

Fore w mulberry handbags arned is forearmed; but no data at all is setting up the next generation of victims. We also should learn to drink with our folks as the French have always done. Again around nine is a nice time to include them in the family toasts at table where these things have always been learned, right where they are passed on in family. A hugely divisive double standarddisappears and the kids stop sneaking out for their treats. As result they have cool heads in the faceof drugs, alcoholand hopefully human sexuality as well. I believe it is the parent duty to do this; these are not things to be hidden as though they are bad; they are simply a part of adult life, which the teen years are a preparation for. Do it at home, with them, then they will be ready for the outside world. One does what one does, finally, armed with one education; there had best be some! Denial and punish mulberry handbags ment will only assure that they will not be prepared. Look for it Mondays in Health.