mulberry handbags Some people have compared the

Some people have compared the flavor to key lime pie and fruit loops

I work in a homeless shelter and a local convenience store donated a box of Doritos. Some were the Quest Mountain Dew flavor. I am a big Doritos fan. As my ever expanding waistline with attest, I can eat a whole 12.5 oz bag in one sitting. All of the newer flavors have wo mulberry handbags rked well for me, a little too spicy sometimes, but tasty. Then I popped open a bag of the Mountain Dews.

Now, since the is supposed to be part of the fun, I had no idea what flavor they were until I checked online. I only new they were, well, odd.

The first three or four chips I chomped on were not bad. They had a wei mulberry handbags rd citrus y/fruity taste that was not bad, but with the salty corn overtone, I could not put my finger on mulberry handbags it. By the time I got to the sixth or seventh chip, I decided they just tasted weird. Normally I like unusual flavors, but these Doritos were just unpleasant.

After a couple more chips, I was downright nauseated. On top of being sweet and salty, they are slightly bitter and acidic. The only way I can describe it is to tell you to image what Sprite would taste like if you threw in some aspirin powder and a tablespoon of salt.

As much as I love salty snack foods, the rest of bag is still in the office pantry. I would not eat another one no matter how desperate I got for a munchy mulberry handbags . When I told my coworkers that they were Mountain Dew flavored, that was enough of a warning for them.