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Son of Batman Comments

I did pick up Speed 2 on a Fox Connect sale a few weeks ago so I’ll be getting that today. Speed is also being rereleased today with a new slipcover which is nice. Bought Weekend at Bernies and Guys Movie Pack which included Bachelor’s Party, Porky’s and Revenge of the Nerds. All 4 of those movies are being released today as well.
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God, hanso you are a real cinephile. I don’t have room in my house to store all of those DVD’s / Blu Ray Disks.

I tried to purchase the Hitchc mulberry handbags ock movies that released today but no stores had them available, they were all online. Still debating if I’ll purchase them from Best Buy or not since I’ve spent a lot $ recently on Disney 3D movies.

There is plenty of stuff I don’t like but I try to see as many movies as I can. I’m not a big fan of the horror genre though, so I’ll miss a lot of the horror releases.

A few months ago I started to build my blu ray library (it’s gone from ar mulberry handbags ound 90 to around 450 at the moment) after not buying as much for a few years. Also been trying to move more towards digital since they take up less space, problem is mulberry handbags my preferred format is iTunes and some studios aren’t doing iTunes for whatever reason.