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Son of original East End Hells Angel pleads guilty in cabbie attack

A Vancouver cabbie brutally assaulted last November says he is relieved his attacker will spend more than a year in jail.

Ranjit Shergill said he is still in pain from the broken bones in his face after he was punched and stomped by a man with links to the East End Hells Angels.

Lloyd Peter Robinson, 30, pleaded guilty to assault causing bodily harm in Vancouver provincial court last month and was sentenced to 16 months in jail, two years probation and lifetime firearms ban.

Shergill, 43, only learned of the guilty plea Monday from a Vancouver Sun rep mulberry handbags orter.

“I think it’s good. He has one year and four months to think about and realize what he did,” Shergill said, who was off of work until last week with no pay. on Nov. 17.

He said Robinson tried to cover the security camera in the taxi. Once they arrived at an apartment building at Drake Street and Marinaside Crescent, there was a dispute over the $6.60 fare.

“He suddenly attacked on me and fractured by nose and eyes,” Shergill said. “After I went unconscious.”

Police arrested Robinson five days later on a charge of aggravated assault. He pleaded guilty to the lesser included count of assault causing bodily harm.

VPD Sgt. Randy Fincham said Monday that the quick guilty plea a result of the willingness of a victim of crime to put their trust in the police and the determination of investigators and Crown Counsel to build the best case possible for the courts. father, Louie, was an original member of the East End Hells Angels but retired from the club after a major undercover investigation in which police agent Micheal Plante infiltrated the gang by getting close to him. Civil Forfeiture law.

The younger Robinson had an earlier conviction for assault in Kelowna in March 2012. He got a fine and a year probation.

He also faced allegations of uttering threats in August 2012 after which a peace bond was issued in February 2013.

And in July 2004, he was sentenced to two years in jail for a baseball bat attack on a teenager outside the Park Royal Shopping Centre.

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I already responded to that. His case was put over to March 10 and he remains in custody. These short, relatively insignificant appearances will continue for months, if not years. Nothing happens until either a bail hearing (which will be covered by a ban,) a preliminary hearing (which if one goes ahead, will also be covered by a ban,) pre trial hearings (which we can report on if it is a judge alone trial if it a jury trial, we can and finally 2 or 3 years from now the trial, which will hopefully be completely open and free of bans on witness names!

ANCOUVER A Vancouver woman accused of murder in the deaths of her newborn sons was so scared of her parents finding out about her pregnancies that she gave birth alone in the family bathroom and then secretly disposed of the infants, says the Crown.

Sarah Leung, 28, was charged with two counts of second degree murder after the body of a baby boy was found in a plastic bag outside an East Vancouver home in April 2009.

Police alleged Leung gave birth to a second baby boy in March 2010 and killed that baby as well, though the infant body was never found.

Mom charged in deaths of two Vancouver infants

On Monday, Crown prosecutor Sandra Cunningham told a 12 member jury on the first day of Leung trial that after she was charged in June 2010, she confessed to police that she was afraid to tell her parents about her pregnancy.

told (a detective) her parents didn really approve of getting pregnant before marriage, and she was scared to tell them because she knew they would be unhappy, Cunningham said in her opening statement.

knew she had done something wrong against them, that they wouldn have liked, so she hid everything from them.

During Monday hearing, the lawyer laid out a sequence of events that police believe led to the deaths of the two baby boys.