mulberry handbags son sentenced in Guelph court

son sentenced in Guelph court for drug offences

David W. Cook, 55, of Clinton, Ont., was given 15 months in jail for possession for the purpose of trafficking almost 20 kilograms of mar mulberry handbags ijuana. He is prohibited from possessing firearms for 10 years.

His son, mulberry handbags Eli Cook, 24, was given a suspended sentence for possessing small quantities of ketamine (a horse tranquilizer), cocaine and psilocybin (magic mushroom). The Conestoga College student must also perform 35 hours of community service work.

Prosecutor David Doney said police executed a search warrant on the Cook residence on Dec. 16, 2010 to discover the marijuana in one and one half pound bags, as well as the other drugs. They also discovered two marijuana plants, drug paraphernalia, growing equipment and almost $4,700 in cash. The house was equipped with video surveillance cameras.

Court was told the street value of that quantity of marijuana when sold in small packages would exceed $325,000 though it would be worth considerably less if sold in bulk.

Eli Cook attorney, Matt Stanley, pointed to a generally favourable pre sentence report for his client, mulberry handbags which mulberry handbags indicated he was polite, positive and diligent in pursuit of an education and career.

But Doney said the report also stated Eli Cook had reduced his drug use to marijuana alone. And that troubled Doney.

marijuana and therefore smoking marijuana is illegal, Doney stressed. Smoking marijuana implied the young man was continuing to break the law he facing drug charges.