mulberry handbags Songs from under the floorboar

Songs from under the floorboards

For anyone growing up in the Sixties and Seventies, a new James Bond film was the kind of mulberry handbags happening only surpassed by Christmas or getting your end away. I used to go with my Dad who’d chain smoke Embassy mulberry handbags Regals and have a choc ice at half time. Afterwards we’d walk home fro mulberry handbags m Hale cinema misquoting dialogue and reliving the car chases and gadgets.

As I mentioned in the previous post, 007 is celebrating fifty years in celluloid and so we’ll soon be having the tiresome debate over who was best again.

One thing that was always cool was the mu mulberry handbags sic and Goldfinger’s title song was written by John Barry and Anthony Newley and performed by the queen of Tiger Bay to one of those opening sequences of scantily clad silhouettes trampolining in slow motion through flames or something.

The fact it turned up as a B side to Magazine’s second single Touch And Go took me straight back to sharing cinema sized bags of Revels and watching the wonder of in car ejector seats,