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In my last post on this topic I noted that one Colonel Tim Spicer was investigating the video that apparently showed South African Danny Heydenreycher firing indiscriminately at Iraqi motorists (the post can be found here). At the time I knew Spicer’s name was familiar but I couldn’t quite recall why. Well, while looking round the ‘net I stumbled onto this article and now I know why. I would strongly suggest reading the article in its entiret mulberry outlet y, but for those just looking for a summary it basically details the goings on of Spicer as a “manager” of various mercenary front organisations.

Spicers involvement with South African’s began with a now infamous organisation, the local mercenary outfit Executive Outcomes (EO). Spicer took the lead in rebranding EO as “Sandline International” when the Mandela government moved to crush local private military operators. In 1997 Spicer and the group of mainly South African mercenaries he led were arrested on arrival in Papua New Guinea after being hired by that government to “fight dissidents on the island of Bougainville and to re open a lucrative copper mine.” Spicer also has very close ties to Simon Mann (serving time in Zim for the mercenary debacle last year) and Mark Thatcher (bankroller of the said mercenary debacle).

Niamaat Gamildien, she of questionable strategic vision has decided to pack her bags and head to greener pastures after looting the kitty directing the pork laden SS Cancer Association (CANSA) for the past year. Under her sterling leadership the Cancer Association has evolved from a charity aiding those afflicted with Cancer to a charity aiding those CANSA staff afflicted by a low bank balance. Witness this fine breakdown of exemplarary financial management :

[Of the] R64 million raised by the association, less than R7 million had been allocated to patient care. Almost half, R31,6 million, had been used for salaries for its 300 employees, including about R1 million for Gamildien. (IOL)

Now that’s what I’m talking about!! Of course there are always those jealous of “success” and this story is no different. Apparently the former head of CANSA called these salaries “obscene”! Bah, some people know nothing about effectively wallowing in the tough self motivation!

Waddle on Niamaat!!

It hurts doesn’t it? After years of having the government cheerleaders SABC journalists at your beck and call, following your every moving and reporting on each and every single one of your horrendously boring speeches now to be told “sorry old boy but you are just not quite the brilliant guy we once thought you were”.

But unfortunately it would seem His Master has already spoken, and if there’s one thing the boys at the SABC are good at, it is playing ball exercising sound editorial judgment.

The latest news coming out of Australia is that South Africa’s cricketers were racially abused and called “kaffirs” and “kaffir boeties” during the first Test in Perth. This kind of behaviour is completely unnacceptable and should be dealt with severely by Cricket Australia. The current punishment of simply ejecting offenders from the ground, is insufficient and a mere slap on the wrist.

Any person heard shouting things like that should be thrown out the ground and face a charge of crimen injuria (or whatever the Australian legal equivalent is). I remember in 2002 when the Australians toured South Africa a spectator spat at Steve Waugh as he left the field, that incident led to a charge of crimen injuria being laid. Using the K word is the verbal equivalent of spitting in a persons face and should be treated just as seriously.

This stuff has got to stop and CA needs to be more forceful in hammering this racist element out of the game.

So its just before Christmas and (as usual) the office is complete chaos. My partners in Korea are also starting to lose it, big time :

Mr Kim from Seoul : Now, Someamongus we need payment for that cargo ASAP.

Me : Well Mr Kim I’m afraid getting things done this end during this time of year is very difficult.

Mr Kim : What do you mean “this time of year”?

Me : Well you know Christmas, New Years etc. many local companies close and take a long holiday.

Mr Kim : .

Now repeat process for Mr Lee in Daejon, Mr Choi in Busan and so on and so forth. Riveting stuff. But I do digress, back to the matters at hand.

Saw a top movie last week (between moments of office insanity) Lord of War. It turns out that there is a big South African connection to the movie with maybe 40% being filmed inside South Africa and the Department of Trade and Industry funding a portion of the production budget. Nicholas Cage does a great job playing the part of Yuri Orlov a morally challenged Arms Dealer. The two characters who really caught my eye though, were that of the murdering thug Charles Taylor Andre Baptiste Sr. and his sociopathic son Chucky Taylor And mulberry outlet re Baptiste Jr. brilliant acting. To think as I write this that idiot is sitting in palatial splendour in Nigeria. Where’s the justice.

Speaking of arms trading checkout this very interesting piece on South Africa’s complicity in the burgeoning small arms trade. This one is a real eye opener.

Using his outstanding powers of deduction that have made him the bane of all South African criminals, Safety and Security Minister Charles Nqakula delivered his judgment on why there are so many hijackings taking place :

“A boost to the economy resulted in people buying more vehicles, thus increasing the availability of such vehicles to offenders.”

This of course is the same Charlie who convened an entire Press Conference just to announce that some wet mud had been found on some tires.

On the front lines of the Class struggle

Then we have those fearless defenders of the poor who are alw mulberry outlet ays prepared to move against class enemies and repel any assault on the revolution!

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