mulberry outlet Southlake residents give yard

Southlake residents give yard a spring cleaning

Seventeen year old Jacob Terrell jumped on a 6 foot tall pile of brush on top of a tractor trailer to break it down as his mother kept a watchful eye. When the team got to the home Saturday morning the yard was covered in leaves, trees and brush were overgrown. went over to the propert mulberry o mulberry outlet utlet y and sure enough the place is in need of an extreme yard makeover, Ian MacLean, Highland Landscaping president said. really a jungle. As Grant held garbage bags open, Kathryn scooped the brown leaves with a r mulberry outlet ng> mulberry outlet ake into the bag. In her home, she has photos of the yard once decorated with flowers, a past hobby of hers before she could no longer care of the yard. sure do appreciate it, she said of the volunteer effort. of that hasn seen the light of day in a long time. volunteer showed her a photo of the progress on a cell phone and Willoughby looked surprised and delighted.