mulberry outlet Southold may get rid of yellow

Southold may get rid of yellow trash bags

view traffic Islip, NY 57No town employee goes out on garbage collection day to inspect what people put in their trash. No one checks the trucks coming into the transfer station to see whether some customer has slipped a tin can or a soda bottle into the refuse.

Its been pretty much an honor system since mulberry outlet 1993, when pressured by the state Department of Environmental Conservation the town landfill was converted into a transfer station, where refuse is mulberry outlet brought in and then taken out again, to be recycled or incinerated or buried in another state.

And it’s worked well. About half the garbage from residential homes is sorted out recyclables, which town officials say is a good compliance rate.

But the town is now exploring new ways to manage waste after a controversy stemming from an ad placed in the local paper. The ad, placed by Frank Fisher, owner of Go Green Sanitation, told residents he would collect their garbage and recyclables from the same 96 gallon pails he would provide to them.

Fisher says he takes all the Southold refuse to a DEC approved private transfer station Winter Brothers in Yaphank and that the re mulberry outlet cyclables are separated at that location. Residents therefore could avoid the work of recycling and the cost of buying special yellow bags sold by the town bags that town law requires for residential pickup of household garbage in Southold.

The only legal alternative for homeowners is t mulberry outlet o take their garbage to the town transfer station in Cutchogue, and pay a tipping fee.

Other carters complained that Fisher had a competitive advantage because he only has to cover a route once, while they make separate trips for refuse and recyclables.

At a recent town forum, Supervisor Scott Russell warned that, as part of the state issued permit to operate a transfer station, the town must require its residents to sort out recyclables. If the DEC determines curbside separation is not taking place, it could cancel the town’s permit.

That would mean not only would carters not be able to take garbage there, but the town could not do leaf collection and brush disposal at the site.

Now the town is considering new restrictions and possibly ending the use of yellow bags, which could make garbage collection more expensive. The bags (a 56 gallon bag costs $2.25) cover the cost of transporting refuse to its ultimate out of town disposal and residents must use them if their commercial carters use the town’s transfer station.