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Southside sap Ivor and de northside layabout Damo bag their own show

Andy is the son of millionaire developer Richard Quirke, and his family are the proud owners of Dr Quirkey’s on O’Connell Street, as well as a similar venture in Phibsboro. And for the record, Andy is from Foxrock, making him a southsider.

Andy also happens to be the brother of Wesley, the other half of former Miss World Rosanna Davison.

The new show will see Quirke take on his personas of northsider Damo and southsider Ivor, two twins separated at birth, in each of the 30 minute episodes.

Ivor is a classic D4 jock; he wear mulberry outlet s beige chinos, a pink Ralph Lauren polo shirt with the collar popped and loves going for a few ‘Heinos’ with the lads in Kielys of Donnybrook. Damo, on the other hand, is rarely seen without a can of Dutch Gold in his hand, wears an oversized baseball cap, sovereign rings and a Celtic jersey.

The origins of Northside/Southside go mulberry outlet back to a 2006 YouTube video Skanger Me Banger, in which Quirke satirised MTV’s hit show Pimp My Ride.

But Damo and Ivor became more of a household name when their video for Everybody’s Drinkin’ was featured on RTE 2’s Republic of Telly.

In the video, the pair highlighted the northside/southside divide while downing shots, getting sick and pulling women.

Since then, Quirke has released several oth mulberry outlet er online vid mulberry outlet eos and an album which includes singles such as I Love The Ladies, Wrap Up Your Whacker and Big Box Little Box.

Many may question whether Damo and Ivor have the longevity to sustain an entire series.

The sketches are pretty repetitious; and rarely stray from the familiar topics of getting hammered, having casual sex with random women and vomiting on people. But it seems this is exactly the formula RTE is looking for.