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Southside to be hosed in big clean

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The “washing programme” is to start in villages including Rathmines, Ranelagh, Rathgar, Sandymount and Terenure, city officials have revealed.

Labour councillor Mary Freehill told the Herald the move is part of the council’s contribution towards making the areas more attractive for shoppers and residents.

A council report stated: “The (city’s) south east area will commence a washing programme in the area whereby all villages and sho mulberry outlet p fronts will be washed. This operation will be carried out at night to avoid inconvenience to traders.”

Ms Freehill said: “It’s really to help the traders. The point is that we have been on for quite some time about making the village more attractive and that (the washing) is a service to the area.

“We know these businesses are ratepayers. It’s our way of trying to bring the areas up to standard.

“A lot of them have got very dirty. It will brighten up the areas by cleaning them properly.”

She added: “A this time of year, it all gets very dirty looking so the council is trying to bring up the standard.”

As part of the same initiative, the council is to distribute a large supply of disposal bags for dog litter.

Ms Freehill said that to her knowledge it is the first time the council has undertaken a large scale washing programme in the south east area.

“It’s all part of the city council’s contribut mulberry outlet ion to mulberry outlet try to make the urban villages more attractive and maintain the standard to help people who are living and doing business in the area,” she added.