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Southtown Economist (Newspaper) July 31, 1938, Chicago, Illinois SOUTHTOWN ECONOMIST. SUNDAY, JULY 31. 1938 11 Want Ads Economical WANT AD RATES AND INFORMATION RATES SOUTHTOWN ECONOMIST RATtS (Each Thursday and Sunday) L tinif (either per agate line per issue 45c times no change of copy, per agate line per is .4uc 4 times (4 consecutive Issues or 4 Thursdays or 4 no change of eopv. per agate line per issue.3Sc SOUTHEAST ECONOMIST RATES (Each Thursday) I time. Per agate line per issue. .30c 4 times. (Consecutive Thurs no change of copy, per agate line per issue .25c COMBINATION RATES For Southtown and Southeast Economists (Both papers on Thursdays only) 1 time. Per agate line per issue. G5c 1 times. No change of copy. (4 consecutive Thurs days.) No change of copy. Per agate tine per issue.58c 20% discount will be allowed on the above rates if adver tising is brought into our office and paid for. SITUATIONS WANTED I or more times. Per agate line per issue.30c net Payable cash in advance. RULES To”Dlace a Want Ad tn the South town Economist or the Southeast Economist, telephone Englewood 1400 and ask for an Ad Taker or bring your ad into the office of the Southtown Economist. 728 W. G5th rt. a 20 To discount will be allowed. Errors, which clearly lessen the value of an aa should be reported immediately, as the Southtown Economist will only be responsible for one incorrect insertion. All claims for adjustments and refunds must be made within two weeks after the expiration of ads. The Southtown Economist re serves the right to edit or rejec mulberry outlet t any want ad. No advertisement accepted for less than the cost of two lines. The Southtown Economist is pub lished on Sunday and Thursday mornings. The circulation of each issue is 70 500 between noth si and 95th St. South Park and Crawford aves. The Southeast Economist is pub lished every Thursday and has a circulation of between 61st st. 9nth St. South Park ave. and Lake Michigan. The combined circulation Is 114.807. CLOSING TIME For the Soiithtown Kconomtst iTour Ad Must Be in Our Office. 72S W. MRS. HERMAN P. BLOWERS and family wish to express their Sincere and heartfelt thanks for the beautiful floral offerings’and kind ex pressions of sympathy tendered them in the loss of their beloved son and brother. Cemeteries Lots 10 GRAVE lot. highest point Fairmont, cash. Phone Triangle 5120. 8 GRAVES in Fairmont cemetery. Call at 5812 Bishop, 2nd, rear. ANNOUNCEMENTS Lost and Found DOGS OR CATS OR PETS LOST See “Animal 0 LOST, lady’s wrist watch, vie. and Halsted. Phone Prospect 1022. BUSINESS SERVICES Business Services Offered LAWNMOWERS sharp, the clec. kcen wav. call. del. anywh. Ideal Hdw. Grind. Serv. 3122 W.’iiSith. Hem. 8027. SPECIAL prices on cleaning clothes, for offices, clothing stores, clubs, theaters, fraternity sorority houses. Ced. 4201 TYPING done at home, neat, reason able. Phone Beverly 9523. Carpenters Contracting REMODELING. MODERNIZING. Carpentry, plastering, roofing, asbes tos siding, insulating, house raising. lound. cement work. For good. guar. and low prices, deal direct. Call H. Peterson. Englewood 153S. _ REMOD. now; we do all kinds of car pentry. house raising, brick, cement Work and new bldg.; reas. W. Johnson. Ph. En glewood 584 0. ALL kinds of repair work, reasonable: free estimates. Hemlock ALL kinds repairs, carpenter v. ork; free est. G55 W. 69th St. Normal 7622. ALTER., carpenter repair work of any kind, very reas. Aberdeen 713: _ _ jobbing, carpenter work of all kinds. Gr. Hill 2222 Pros. Cement Work. Tuck Pointing CEMENT brick work, liouseraising. general repairs: csl. free Vine. 14SJ1. iflASON cement work, tuck pointing chimney repairs. Call Sag. (1370. Curtainsi CURTAINS washed stretched beau. Call deliver, 25c pair. Eng. 1215. Furnaces and Sheet Metal FURNACE repairs vac. cleaning. Round Oak Southwest Heating Co., 1300 W. fiOlii st.__Normal FURNACES cleaned repaired, by ex pcrt mechanic, roas. Triangle Plastering Patching PLASTER patch, neatly done, chimneys cleaned reprcl. ARCHES TOUSSAINT NICKOLI. Went. 6S55. PLASTERING. PATCTlING. AHCIIES. Work Guaranteed, Saginaw 31O8. PLASTERING. clean, arrlies built; I need work; Enfi. 0180. BUSINESS SERVICES Applionce Repairs B1M MERLE’S FREE ESTIMATES Refrigerators Exports in charge. Washers ‘Kul! stock replacc V ic uimi Cleaners merit parts. Quick Radius repairs. All makes __Hepublic_2209._ St. GUARANTEED REPAIR SERVICE.” FREE ESTIMATE. Factory trained service me mulberry outlet n on makes retries., washers, vac. cleaners BORG HOME UTILITIES 7fiO. > HALSTED. TRIANGLE lliOO. EXPERT REPAIR SERVICE. Wash. Machines ALL MAKES. KKEE EST. SHOP. EXPKHT washing machine service: free __ostiniatc.__1 1.11. FANS. vac. clnrs. wash, machs. reprd.; W. Hem. PARTS service for ail makes wash ers vacs. 7710 Halstecl. Racl. 8200 Moving and Storage A ] moving at a poor man’s price; also nii ‘iics. Aberdeen FUHN. taken as prirt pavmt. ior mov ing. HalsU’d. Vine. Moving Call Republic Reliable Movers. Low as 1 Rms. [‘ALL JENSEN, PULLMAN _ SAVE on moving, storage, shipping, llunziker Van Service. Stewart Painting and Decorating BEEN DECORATING SERVICE. Winchester Ave. Stewart 57 16. DO my own decorating. years exp. Quick serv.; est. free. Went. LOW priced painter dec.; free est. Jcs. Zoiemba. PAINT, paper, outside paint; free est.; reasonable. Prospect PAINTING, papering and a ble. Phone A berdeen ;V197. RMS. ft., wallppr. incl. paprd. by exp.; terms. Hemlock 01GG Radio Repairs BUY your radio tubes from a radio store: free testing in your home: allowed on oici tubes at store: repair w Tri FREE CALL: 12 years’ experience. FREE EST.: Up to date Equip. FREE USE of new radio while we repair yourg. Bim Merle’s. Rep. KRUGER’S RADIO LABORATORY. NO CHARGE FOR CALL OR EST. GUAR. ALL MKS. 10 YRS. EXP. BISHOP. BEVERLY 221S. Roofing Insulation BEN BERRY ROOFING REPAIRS YEARS ON RACINE AVENUE. WENT. 2iiOl. Rug Cleaners Repairs DELUXE RUG CLEANING DOM. ONLY Furniture Cleaning and Upholstering. Don’t trust your valuable rugs and furniture to amateurs. We’ve been in Ihis locality for over 10 years. ESTIMATES FHKE. JOHN WALTER CO. H20H 10 12 14 S. HALSTED. All phones Boulevard Dcpt. E. Dom., Both Sides C’nd. Glistening Lustre Restored. Free Pickup and Delivery. 2 piece furniture suite, _beautifully cleaned and mothproofed, Sn. Bi Americaii Rus Cleaners. Operated By Thomas Patrick McGrath. Jr. “IMS State St. Triangle 5130. LIMITED TIME ONLY oc 9×12 DOMESTIC ol >1.” RUG CLEANED FURNITURE CLEANED LIKE NEW BY OUR NEW YORK PROCESS. Free City Wide Pickup Delivery. NEW YORK HUG CLEANERS. 10 PHONES. ABERDEEN 9o63. MAGISHIAN BROS. Will now clean any Dxl2 domestic rug for S1.05. GET THE BEST MAGISHIAN BROS. ABERDEEN !1054. ?1.2n. 9×12 dom., perfect v. ork guaran teed. Sun and Air Dried Rug Clean ers. Normal 4130. Sewing Machines ALL MAKES REPAIRED In your home. 50c. Martin. Hem. 3033. OIL adjust mach., oOc. Singer Sew. Mach. Service Co. Spauldmg SEWING mach. repaired oOc; parts guaranteed. U025 Halsted. Eng. 84S5. Upholstering Repairing SPECIAL low rates: sofa as low as chair. compl. rebuild materials; E Z terms; 90 days no carrying charge. Midway 1850. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted Female GIRL. gen. hswk. assist, infant; stay; small apartment. Midway 5072. Help WANTED 3 BOYS OF HIGH SCHOOL AGE 14 to IS Years, to Deliver Newspapers 2 Mornings a Week Before School AND COLLECT MONTHLY. Must ‘Jvc Between (lord and 83rd, WENTWORTH TO SOUTH Applv to Circulation Manager. Southtown Economist. 72S W. tl51h St. WANTED 3 BOY’S OF HIGH SCHOOL AGE 14 to IS Years, to Deliver Newspapers 2 Mornings a Week. Before School AND COLLECT MONTHLY. Must Live Between 55th and 75th, WESTERN TO KEDZIE. Apply to Circulation Manager, Southtown Economist. 728 W. (15th St. Men Past. 22 to Wait On Customers; Start at Once. 75c Hr. Up, Percentage. Apply Room S. 2nd Floor, W. fi3rd St. Monday. S to 12 Only. DISTRIBUTOR for South side for well known brand lemon concentrate for taverns: exclusive territory to right parties; unusually high profits. Call Delaware for appointment._______ INSULA mulberry outlet TION MEN The Barrett company offers you un usual opportunity. Inq. 7524 S. Racine. Situations Wanted Female AN exp. yng. ladv wants clean iron., 30c hour carfare. Engiewood CLEAN, iron; reliable white woman, Jyour carfare. Stewart 74oU. GLEAMING, by day. pood worker: exp. While woman. jjirl. exp., Igt. havk. or nursemaid, half days or by week.__Blvd. 9 143. DAY work, colored, experienced. Call Mrs. ScalcK. EXP. col. woman, would like day work, day. Knslcwood HSKPR., motherless, epic. empl. or day work. eve. MAID, colored, sood cnok, sirnll fam.; tin Idry.: nights: refs. Nor. F7k BLE7 wh i t om a n w ants day work. Phono Knelowood IS07. WHITE woman, whitle or half days; thoroiiRly exp.: best rols. Rad. _ Normal J _ __ BAKTENDKK or cook. Phone Wentworth 8107. HANDY man. any kind of work. Phone Krank. Wont. 1 or Normal II ANDY man, odd jobs around house. yard or lactory. Wenlworth FINANCIAL Business Opportunities ENGLEWOOD G APT. BLDG. 7 rooms each, loc. near G2nd Nor mal blvd.: will give 5 year least; ideal for furnished apartments. Mcllwaine. 11700 jl_________ GROCERY delic. 4 rms. stm. heat: in rear; reas. lent. Went. S224. for appointment. D E CicATSSSEN and dairy, good busi S. Halsted. I1AVK small peanut machine route; sefl reas.__G. W. Kramer. Midlothian, III SANEBV1CH lunch shop, across from __high school, reas. G501 S. Wood. WONDERFUL acrtT illness, tailor cleaning shop. Dor. 8052. MERCHANDISE Articles for Sale FOR sale, cheap. 1 heating system, cash register, Nickol victrola, ice cream cabinets, other fixtures. 11420 Indi anapolis hlvd., Hiawatha Diner. EVEREADY sunray machine, like new; Packard electric razor, new, SS. Joe Heillron. 755S Indiana ave. FURNITURE OF 2 CHAIR BARBER SHOP. REAS. (1258 ARCHER, AKGO ILL. PHONE SUMMIT 44S. STENOTYPE mach. inc. paper ribbon. A l cond. very reas. Mrs. Fri. UNIVEX camera. S mm. Wollensak an astigmat F 3.5 lens. 30 days old. half price. Went. 5037. bet. USED French windows, in good con dition; ideal for summer cottage; 55c and uo. Phone Stewart SET 10 books. Collier’s ency., also set Harvard Classics. Eng. S210. GORDON press. lead cutter, llx 14 display card press. Eng. 1373. Normal QUO. 2 UNDERWD. typwrtrs. fac. rebuilt, S40: guar. Grovehill 3242. ___Boats and Accessories 1 Ifi FT. spt. runabout. John son motor: 1 1 1 ft. canoe; will sep arate. Information. Monee .’11 J. 2 CYLINDER OUTBOARD JOHNSON MOTOR; FOLDING PLYWOOD BOAT S iO. PHONE REPUBLIC S715. CAPE COD sailboat. 10 ft. or trade for band saw. Rep. 5230. Monday. FULLY equipped sailboat for sale, reas 8G2S Racine. Stewart JOHNSON light twin model A 35 out board motor. S40 cash. Stewart 11S3. 14 FT. Thompson boat. 3i seahorse. 5710 Princeton. Oil Wood ILL. nut. ton: 4 bags, SI; 13 bu. mill wood. SI del. Wentworth 0 121 Good Things To Eot DRINK our goat milk for health vi tality. 154th Laramie. Oak Forest, Blue Island Y 2. Rummer. Home Appliances RENT a washer. 25c a week, Maytag. Thor, Easy: also balance due on K) repossessed washers. Credit Manager. COMMONWEALTH APPL. CO. :132 W. OHTHST. ENGLEWOOD 5151. REFRIGERATORS WITH INDIVIDUAL MOTOR. SUIT. FOR SMALL STORE; GOOD COND., VERY REAS BEV. 6273 ELEC. refrigerator, large size, reason able. o940 Normal. 1st floor. RENT a washer, by week or mo. Apply rent on purchase. Ph. Stewart 1911. TRADE your old vac. clnr. for a new Hoover, wk. Krueger. Rep. 5253. Household Goods THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY CASH AND CARRY FURNITURE DISTRIBUTOR. HENRY M. GOODMAN 525 W. 76TH ST. Hours Daily .9 to 0; Sun., 10 to 5. PAY CASH AND SAVE. HIGRADE UNCLAIMED RUGS. LOWEST PRICES. ALL SIZES. Good 9×12 rugs, as low as ?u: S100 val. imported 9×12 rugs with pad, both for S25; 50O yards runner rugs, 19c; modern furniture half price. Credit. 734R HALSTED. NIGHTS SUNDAY. SAVE! 350 HIGRADE USED RUGS. AH sizes, all kinds, many colors. Used rugs as low as S5; new American Oriental 9×12 rugs with pad, S28; rich, hca’ ‘y imported 9×12 rugs with pad. 8100 value for Nights and Sundays. South Chicago ave. MUST sell; 2 pc. parl. set, S10; lelt base rugs, S3.95: odd chairs, tables, din., bedrm. set: new red Uxl2 rug. S9; gd. used rug. ?7; drsr. imp. rugs: open nights. Sun. 734S Halsted. UNCLAIMED GO! CHECKER CLEANERS WAREHOUSE SELECT. STOCK. OUR ONLY OUTLET. From 85 stores. All sizes, all kinds. 9×12 used. 00 to NEW SAMPLE RUGS, all hinds, all to 12xlS. 9×12. DAILY EVES. 621B RACINE AVE. General Electric. Westinghouse. Frigidaire. Refrigerators. S 15 Each. COMMONWEALTH APPL. CO. 1132 W ST. ENG. 5151. DRESSER, library table, leather couch, rubbish burner, cook stove, reason able. S. Wolcott. 2nd flat._______ FURN. 3 rms. incl. gas range, garbage burner heater, etc. 59110 Union. 1st. Call next week. 9 tq_ MAGIC Chef stove, prac.’new; broad loom carpet miscel. furn. Sunday or jVlonday. MUST sell this week. furn. used 4 mos. incl. studio couch, radio. 0x12. 9xlo rug, drapes, misc. 7910 S. Hermitage. (i DIN. rm. dire., bed spring, kit set buffet. SS: parl. set. 11201 Tnlmon. Ced. 41.13. BABY buggy. Justine. BABY bed. full size: innerspring mat tress. good cond. SS. Triangle 5053. BOY’S bicycle. 2S in. like new; gas stove ice box. W. DINETTE set. practically new. Phone Cedarcrest 6262._______ FRIGIDAIRE, all pore., ?25; Apex washer, round tub. S15. 6S52 st. FURN 7 rms. nr. new., lamps, washer. rugs, etc. cheap. 328 W. Marquetle. FITRN 4 rooms; leaving city: cheap if taken today, non W. 3rd, r. GAS range, garb, burner, radio. 7 tubr, GEN Electric refrigerator, cash. Phone Republic 10011. ____________ LINOLEUM laid free, felt base, 29c yd. up; est. free. Grovehill 01 !M. LINbLEUMMaid free. Hemlock 01 (iS set; din. rm. chrs.: twin beds. 7 4’i1 Kingston. PART. set. 2 pc., frieze, good condition, sae., SI.’i.__Pht nc Grovghill ___ GSrnx12 Am. Ori. beau. pan., never used. SI5. Keating. Glndvs. dealer. STUD, couch, dresser, beds. rues, clirs. reas. H317 Blackstone, 2nd. Dor. 4011. PEOPLE Can’t Be During the first six months of this year satisfied users of Southtown Economist Want Ads testify to the “resultfulness” of this advertising medium. Don’t fail to put a Southtown Economist Want Ad to work when you want to buy or sell it’s the efficient, economical way to satisfy your wants then you, too, will sav it is truly “Chicago’s Most Resultful Medium.” Jcorumtist Call Englewood 1400 for An Ad Taker “It Pay, You To Go Whert 1, Low” MERCHANDISE Household Goods TWO complete full size beds, reason able. Phone Beverly 27 VAC. cleaner attach., like new; cost SS7; must sac. G407 Green. Went. 9350. 4 RMS. of hshld furn. cheap. 75th st., 2nd, rear. Sunday or eves. ond I Tools MACHINIST auto tools in 1st class condition. Writs. A 71, Southtown Economist. ROOMS FOR RENT Housekeeping Rooms PARNELL. liLMii; 2 rms. small wash rm. suit fam. 1 or 2 sm. child.: 3 rms. SG.50 wk.; 1 rm hskpg. S3.50 1. S5 2. PARNELL. large, front rm., run ning water: frigid.: S5.50; adults. PARNELL. 7 JOU: small 1 rm. kit., suit 1 person: everything furnished: S2.50. PARNELL AVE. Ii401; 1st; des. hskpy. rooms: good service; 1 or 2: adults. PEORIA. G520; 2 well turn., clean, ir’t. rms.: frigid.: priv. entrance: reas. Musical Goods Radios Cornet. Conn. Silverplated Gold Bell. A l Condition Bargain. Call Stewart 0510. Pets Birds Fish. Etc. PED. Scotch terrier pups, blue ribbon stock. 7551 S. Wolcott. Equipment 2 OIL tanks, 250 gal. cap. ea.; oil burner unit: thermostat: 120 gals, oil verv reas. Write. Adv. 803 Merchandise Mart Wanted to Buy CALL ATLANTIC 0129. Pay Highest Price For Used Furn. Rugs. Your Call GIVEN PROMPT ATTENTION GAS RANGES HEATERS 5B10 Halsted. Wentworth PHONE ENG. 3327. Rags, paper, iron, lead, copper, brass, furnaces, boilers, radiators, plumbing HEATING stoves, kitchen heaters fur niture elec. drill. Went. 37S7 : HIGHEST price for furn rugs Si heating stoves, kit, htrs. Vine.’ 5854: WE buy refrigerators washing ma chines. 1132 W. 69th St. Eng. 51S1.’ ROOMS FOR RENT Rooms with Board PEORIA, 6528: front rm.: priv. home; home cooking: reas. Eng. 1772. UNION, 7926; large, nicelv furn. rms. good meals: nice loc.: very reas. Furnished Rooms ELIZABETH. 8024; large, furn. Bev. 0603. GREEN, H530: 1st apt.; clean sleeping rooms. S2.50 and j3 per week. GREEN. U620: Ige. rm., furn. or unfurn., 1 or 2 gents prei’.: private family. HALSTED, 5022: newly decorated rooms, reasonable: gents. HARVARD, 7202: 1st floor; attractive. large, cool. slpg. surf, trans.: reas. Aberdeen 2985. HARVARD AVE. 7408: pleasant room, in home of newly married couple; brkfst. if des.: rcas. Call Rad. 11.31. LASALLE. SOOS; nice. frt. bedrm., for 2. Phone Radclifl’e LOOMIS. 0420: Ige. rm.: gd. loc.: priv. family: gent, pref. Beverly 2021. MORGAN. 1st; nice rm. m Irish fam. suit. 1 or 2 boys: roas. Stew. 9442. PEORIA. (19111; 2nd; cozy rm. bath, good trans., real home. Eng. PEORIA. 7801: pleas, cor. rm. private fam.: suit. 1 or 2. Stewart 4043. PEORIA, 11443: Ige., frt. rm. small room. 1st, with priv. family. PEORIA. 5020; nicely furn. large rm., single or double, priv. fam. reas. PRAIRIE. 7108: 2nd: rm. priv. fam., kit, privil. opt.; empl. people: gd. tr. S A CKA MENTO. __home, priv. ent. adj. bath, new, dcc. TALMAN. 5519; furn. slpg. rm., priv. fam.: home privil. S3. Pros. 3948. WOOD ST. S. 5935; large light room in priv. fam.: refs. Grovehill OS37. OOTH PL. W. 502: mod. Ige. frt. rm. kit. privil. Nor. 8990. GOTH ST. W. 503: 2nd; Ige., He. slpg. __rm. priv. ent. suit 1 2. reas. NoV. 3014. W. 410; 2nd fir.; Ige., frf. rm. 5 windows. Ige. closet, pens., yd., garage if des. Phone Went. 27’IS. (12ND ST., w. 535; slpg. rm., clean. exceptionally good bed. S2.50 S3.50. 64TH PL. W. rm. twin innerspring. parlor set., run. water, radio. S4.50: also single room. 70TH ST. W. 1020; lart e. light room, good transportation: S2.50. NICELY furn. rm. priv. family, vie. 79th Halsled. Stewart 2259. Housekeeping Rooms ASHLAND. 4752 4S14 501 mulberry outlet 4; Halsted. 5P5H. corner (10th 544 W.