mulberry outlet Southwest adds Bags Fly Free a

Southwest adds Bags Fly Free advertising to aircraft

Southwest Airlines will continue the popular “Bags Fly Free” advertising slogan with additional decals being added to aircraft and baggage carts throughout mulberry outlet 2010, CEO Gary Kelly announced at the annual shareholders meeting Wednesday. The decals will be applied above the cargo compartments of several of the company’s Boeing 737 aircraft, proclaiming “Bags Fly Free Here”. In addition, luggage carts used to transport baggage on the ground will carry signs reading “I Carry Free Bags”. Southwest is the last major US carrier to allow all passengers to check two bags free of charge on all flights. Low cost carrier Jet Blue Airways allows one bag free of charge.

Southwest introduced the bags fly free campaign during the Summer of 2008 wh mulberry outlet en many other airlines were adding baggage fees to help cope with rising energy costs and falling demand. Southwest’s share of the US domestic market increased mulberry outlet 1% during 2009. Southwest’s new advertising campaign comes at a time when self proclaimed Ultra Low Cost Carrier Spirit Airlines has come under fire from consumer watchdog groups as well as the Department of Transportation and some in Congress for introducing a fee for overhead carryon luggage.

Decal advertising on aircraft is nothing new. Alaska Airlines notably employed them in the mid ’90s during a campaign highlighting the Seattle based airlines then premium service. Speech bubble decals were applied over the passenger win mulberry outlet dows applauding the service, to which the Eskimo that famously adorns the tail of Alaska aircraft replied “Thanks!”

During the shareholders meeting, Southwest also announced it’s 135th consecutive quarterly dividend. Southwest Airlines is one of the world’s largest airlines, operating more than 3,300 flights every day.