POLICE have made more than 3,500 drug seizures in just over 18

months across North Wales North Wales (known in some archaic texts as Northgalis) is the northernmo mulberry purse st unofficial region of Wales, bordered to the south mulberry purse by Mid Wales and to the east by England. .

Any plant of the genus Cannabis, which contains a single species, C. sativa. It is widely cultivated throughout the northern temperate zone. , ecstasy ecstasy, either of two drugs used for their euphoric effects. The original ecstasy, a so called designer drug, also known as MDMA, is an analog of methamphetamine (see amphetamine). and speed.

It works out on average about 200 drug busts per month as officers

tackle the problem.

During 2011 and 2012, 1,301 arrests were made for drug offences.

Chief executive of Cais, the North Wales drug and alcohol

rehabilitation rehabilitation: see physical therapy. agency Clive Wolfendale said the seizures reflect the

changing patterns of drug use with prescription drugs and legal highs aThe figures, revealed under the Freedom of Inform mulberry purse ation Act, which

covered January 2011 to September 19 this year, showed the largest

number of drug seizures were made in Wrexham 788. It was followed by

Gwynedd 668, Conwy 631, Denbighshire 552, Flintshire 510 and AngleseyThe largest number by far were cannabis herbal herbal, early botanical book containing descriptions and illustrations of herbs and plants with their properties, chiefly those qualities that made them useful as medicines or condiments. Most of the herbals were written between c.1470 and c. , plant and resin

seizures 2,434 with more than 11,350 plants, bags, and reefersThe largest number of cann mulberry purse abis plants were seized in Wrexham,There were 344 cocaine seizures across North Wales totalling 560