mulberry purse Special Teddy bear lostJud

Special Teddy bear lost

Judy Scor mulberry purse do is mulling over names for the handmade teddy bear her sister created for her about a decade ago.

Christmas, Blazer, maybe Lucky.

She feels lucky to have the bear back, considering he was among more than 2,000 stuffies accidentally tossed onto the ice at Saturday night’s Blazers game.

She was in Vancouver when her husband Frank, an avid hockey fan, scooped up the bear purchased specially for the annual toss and decided he wanted a second one.

“This guy was sitting on the dresser. He grabbed him, took him to the hockey game and threw him,” she said Friday mulberry purse , referring to the Russian sable bear her sister made out of a fur stole from a garage sale.

Scordo’s sister in Chilliwack uses real fur to make teddy bears. Judy sent her the wrap, not realizing until her sister took it apa mulberry purse rt it was made from Russian sable that had serial numbers stamped on it.

“It’s rare and very expensive,” she said of the chocolate coloured fur. Sable is a species of marten.

The bear her sister made had moving arms and legs, glass eyes, a turquoise ribbon around the neck and a small pouch. In that pouch was a handkerchief that belonged to Judy’s dead mother.

Scordo got home Sunday but didn’t realize her bear was missing until Wednesday at her stitching group.

“We were talking about the bear toss. My friend said she thought Frank had two bears.”

A panicked Scordo left a message on her husband’s phone and sped home. Her dresser was bearless.

“I was quite upset,” she said.

She called the mulberry purse Blazers. They put her in touch with Eileen Boelke of the Blazers Booster Club, which gathered the 2,200 or so bears, counted and bagged them and distributed them among more than 22 local charities to be given away.

“She said the chances are pretty slim you’re going to find that guy. There were 2,000 bears and they were all distributed Monday,” said Scordo.

Boelke heated up the phone lines with other Booster Club members who stepped up to the daunting task.

“How are we ever going to find that bear out of 2,300, 2,500 bears?” Boelke recalled asking herself.

Scordo wasn’t alone in her dismay.

“Frank came home after he got my message. He was just devastated.”

That night wasn’t a restful one.

“I couldn’t got to sleep, thinking where is this little guy, am I ever going to see him again? The kids were upset. It was quite the big deal around here,” she said.

“I went Christmas shopping Thursday to get my mind off it. I got home and there was an unusual number on my call display.”

The call was from one of the Booster Club members, saying the bear had been found, still in a bag, at Overlander Extended Care.

“I was literally shaking. Oh my god, it’s a miracle,” Scordo said.

“It made our Christmas.”

The bear has never had a name, but after this experience, she feels it would be appropriate. She hasn’t settled yet on whether it should be Christmas, or Blazer, or something else related to the incident.