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Specialised Sleeping Bags

When it comes to outdoor equipment, we at Outdoor World Direct have something for everyone. Whether you’re a family embarking on a fortnight’s holiday at your favourite touring park, or a youngster embarking on the first intrepid leg of your Duke of Edinburgh award, we have everything you need.

Sleeping bags are the one thing that must be carefully chosen. Research has shown that there are thousands of unique ways for people to sleep, whether the roof is tiled or made of canvas hence, sleeping bags must be equally adaptable. In fact, choosing your outdoor equipment is every bit as important as choosing a bed and mattress. There are many types of sleeping bag available, so make sure you pick the right one for you.

If you intend to camp mainly in the summer months, it’s still a good idea to buy a two or three season sleeping bag. Even the hottest days can be cool at night, and unless you’ve purchased one of our foldable camp beds, there won’t be much between you and the ground remember, the soil isn’t underfloor heated. A thick foam mattress or airbed will help but the coolness will still rise from other areas.

When you want to stay really warm and cosy, with no “cold spots”, invest in one of the mummy sleeping bags we sell at Outdoor World Direct. These are tapered for warmth, and the hood and zipper will ensure you are insulated from outside temperatures. To avoid overheating in summer, buy a lightweight al mulberry purse l seasons sleeping bag. These trap the body’s warmth between insulated layers, while at the same time wicking away sweat and keeping you cool in summer. They also roll up much smaller than conventional padded mummy bags, and so are ideal for backpacking. Our lightweight Vango mummy sleeping bags are recommended outdoor equipment for the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

To cosy up to the person next to you, consider a large double sleeping bag. These are also an exc mulberry purse ellent idea if you like the feel of a duvet, but want the enclosed comfort that sleeping bags bring.

We at Outdoor World Direct supply double sleeping bags from respected names in outdoor equipment Vango, Coleman and Outwell being just a few. Buy a three or four season double bag and you mulberry purse can zipper yourselves in during the cooler months, and open it up and throw it over like a duvet during the height of summer. Alternatively, you can use two single rectangular bags. Unlike mummy bags these unzipper all the way down, and so can be joined together.

If your frame is more Brian Blessed than Kate Moss, or you’re a Peter Crouch lookalike, consider one of our extra large sleeping bags. We at Outdoor World Direct have an impressive range of extra large, extra long sleeping bags in both mummy and rectangular designs. Like our double bags, these include ultra lightweight all season designs that roll up to a com mulberry purse pact shape for back packing and mountaineering. For whatever you are buying your outdoor equipment, we have the sleeping bags for you.