mulberry purse specialist in the Air Force

specialist in the Air Force

Talyor your a dumbass! Nike15, to become a SERE S mulberry purse pecialist first off you have to join the Air Force with a guaranteed contract for SERE. Back in the day they would give a briefing at basic tr mulberry purse aining about SERE and would ask people to join but they no longer do this. After completing basic training you will transfer to the SERE indoc course at the Medina annex next to Lackland Air Force Base. This three week course will assess if you have what it takes to start the actual tech school in washi mulberry purse ngton. Once you graduate this you will be sent to Fairchild Air Force Base outside of Spokane Washington. There you will go through six months of rigourous training and if you graduate will earn the beret and arch that identify you as a SERE Specialist. SERE stands for S mulberry purse urvival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape, and you will be trained to be an expert in all of those skills. Unlike Taylor, I speak from experience rather than from my ass, because I been a SERE Specialist for almost four years. Hope this helps man.