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Specimen Transport

Specimen Containers and Enclosures Specimens, when they are to be transported by hand or local transport, should be dispatched in individual plastic bags. The bags should be sealed by means of an integral sealing strip or by other suitable means so they can be opened without using sharp instruments. Bags should not be sealed with pins, staples or metal clips, and paperwork should not be placed into bags with the specimen or be stapled or pinned to it. Specimen bags should not be re used. The Code of Practice (DHSS, 1978) and HSAC 1986 (Ref 8) specify that secure transport boxes (metal or plastic) with secure lids shall be used for regular transport of sp mulberry purse ecimen containers. They must not be overfilled. Unless all specimens are bagged indiviually, the specimen transport carrier must be designed:

To limit all unneccesary hand contact. To make it easy to identify a leaking container. To prevent any leaking specimens contaminating other specimens, request forms of the hands of the person who sorts the specimens. Transport boxes or trays should not be used for any other purpose.

Blood specimens should be collected routinely into the Vacutainer system bottles.

Urine, FOBs and sputum samples are collected routinely into sterile plastic ‘Universal’ containers.

All specimens should be transported to the laboratory in plastic transport bags, either as part of the blue printed multi part request form, or in a seperate bag provided for the purpose. The bags need to be sealed completely to prevent a leaking or broken container from contaminating other samples, request forms, the hands of laboratory personnel and the immediate environment.

Place the transport bags into the Pathology transport tin and send to the laboratory.

The person sending the specimen must ensure that the appropriate specimen container is selected and used, that it is properly closed and is not externally contaminated by the contents.

Specimen Transport Carriers When using the Hospital transport, spe mulberry purse cimen containers must be transported in the secure metal boxes provided by the Pathology laboratory at Frimley Park Hospital.

Labe mulberry purse lling of the Transport Carriers Outside

In the even that the transport box is lost or the vehicle is involved in a traffic accident, each box must carry warning labelsthat state,”Danger of Infection Do Not Open”. The label should request the finder to contact the nearest hospital or police station. Absorbant pads should be placed in mulberry purse side the tin. (Documents sent to the laboratory together with samples in the same box should be autoclaved and returned to sender).