mulberry purse Speculation hampers probeS

Speculation hampers probe

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BOSTON Not so fast, Sherlock.

Lead FBI investigators have warned that continued media speculation about an early arrest in the Boston Marathon bombings is harming efforts to conduct a thorough investigation.

This follows Wednesday’s chaos when competing rumours at one stage had a suspect ready to be charged at the same time the Federal Courthouse was being cleared and a hospital emptied on the back of dual bomb threats.

“Contrary to widespread reporting, there have been no arrests made in connection with the Boston marathon attack,” the FBI cautioned in a statement. President Barack Obama’s arrival Thursday. He will be joined by the first lady and attend an interfaith service to honour those killed and maimed in the twin bombings.

The bombs killed eight year old Martin Richard, Krystle Campbell, 29, as well as Boston Universit mulberry purse y graduate student and Chinese citizen, Lu Lingzi. at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in the South End.

Boston City Council President Stephen Murphy, who was briefed by police, said a man was seen dropping off a bag at the scene.

Murphy said detectives had spotted the potential suspect in surveillance footage from a nearby store, AP news agency reported.

He said he didn’t know if investigators had identified the man, but added: “They may be on the verge of arresting someone a mulberry purse nd that’s good.”

Whether that is fact or yet more speculation remains to be seen.

A planned FBI news conference outlining the progress of the investigation was postponed Wednesday afternoon and then again later in the evening.

If nothing else, Canadian crime solving expertise has its uses south of the border.

The Stanley Cup riot in Vancouver two years ago and the police work that followed is being used as a model by FBI mulberry purse investigators.

Specifically they are replicating the Canadian request for photos and videos taken by the public that aided their efforts to identify those who set fires and threw gasoline bombs.

More than a million photos were subsequently submitted and around 1,200 to 1,600 hours of video viewed.

Investigators in Boston are hoping the huge amount of digital evidence held by spectators and the media at the finish line will help their work.

They have asked for members of the public to contact them and send whatever images and/or sound recordings they have so it can be added to the mountain of evidence now being examined.

At the website of the FBI’s Boston Division, officials have posted this appeal for help: “If you have any information that could be of assistance, please call 1 800 CALL FBI (prompt 3). No detail is too small.”

Meanwhile, no “specific suspect or targets” have yet been identified, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick said on Boston’s local WBUR radio Wednesday morning.

And while “every hour, every day” brings investigators “a little closer” to finding out who was responsible, Patrick said everyone needs to “settle down and settle in for a long, painstaking investigation.”

“This is the kind of investigation that requires picking up tiny pieces (of evidence) and scouring blocks . a square inch at a time,” the governor concluded.