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speech an act of humble service

As the story goes, Bill Clinton was chatting up Ted Kennedy, laying on the Big Dog charm in hopes of convincing Kennedy to endorse Hillary Clinton in the 2008 Democratic primaries.

And this Barack Obama character?

few years ago, this guy (Obama) would have been carrying our bags, Clinton reportedly told Kennedy, who reportedly repeated the story to the late Tim Russert, who in turn told the story to Ryan Lizza of the New Yorker, who in turn wrote about i mulberry purse t.

It hard to know if the story is true, since Clinton not talking and the other two men involved are now dead. (Back in the that alone would have been enough to touch off a conspiracy theory.) But the story does sound plausible; it does sound like something one old pol, seeking common ground with another old pol, might say as a way of dissing a young up and comer.

That was what made last night speech in Charlotte so striking. Bill Clinton is a proud and at times prickly man. He doesn like to feel himself and he doesn like playing second fiddle to anyone with the possible exception of his wife, Hillary, who played that part herself for many years and to whom he owes a lot.

But at that podium last night, Clinton stepped up and volunteered to carry Barack Obama baggage for him. He even went so far as to publicly unpack that baggage, piece by piece, putting each item in its proper place, before returning it, now much lighter, to its owner. And he seemed eager to do it. It wasn a dutiful act; he took joy in doing it.

We all know Clinton is a powerful, engaging speaker. That part of last night performance wasn a surprise. But what made the speech work so well was the full throated commitment behind it. It was an act of somewhat humble service by a not so humble man, an act of service to his party and in his mind to his country.

As he kept telling his audience, is important you all got to listen carefully to this, this is really important. And it worked because he believed it. Whatever credibility Clinton has with the American people, he put it all on the line, without reservation, on behalf of Barack Obama. That the part I did not expect.

Brosephus Ummmm, you are aware that the Atlantic Slave Trade included ports of call in the Caribbean, right?

If Carol family up from slavery it was when they increased their trading business (you know many slave traders were black, right?)

Bottom line: no slavery in her family tree. It did make for a good lie on the Senate floor though.

(rumor is Jesse Helms got in an elevator with her and said going to stand here and whistle until you cry after her obvious grandstand)Mention: Healthcare spending has increased more slowly due to Obama healthcare law.

Fact: The two cost control measures intending on reducing cost have yet to take effect.

Mention: Bill economy during his second term and how his policies made it happen.

Omitted facts: Bill supported the repeal of Glass Stegall which PRIMARILY paved the way for banks to invest in risky mortgage backed securities and collaterized debt which led to the 2008 financial cr mulberry purse isis. Obama administration has proven to be the most corrupt, dishonest administration in my lifetime. The weekly first time filers has been under reported every week for three years. The following week the lies are updated to make the current weeks numbers appear to be less than the prior weeks. They quit counting all of the unemplyed and now only count those who are axtually looking for work. Obama has removed millions from looking for work by putting them on welefare and on social security disability. Slick. Maker things seem better than they really are. The mulberry purse one number Ob mulberry purse ama has trouble hiding is the FACT that fewer people have jobs today than when he took office. Explain how Obama has created millions of jobs and there are fewer people working. Huh?William Pitt has some good points about clinton

the afterglow of Clinton fireballing speech at the DNC last night, I feel it necessary to put a few things on the table.

NAFTA has been a disaster for American labor. DOMA was cruel, as was Ask, Don Tell. His empowering of Fannie and Freddie laid a fair portion of the groundwork for the housing bubble. The Telecomunications Act laid the groundwork for massive media conglomeration. Glass Steagall was repealed on his watch, and the bloody wolves of Wall Street slipped the leash.

He kept the brutal Gulf War sanctions on Iraq for eight long years, an act that consigned millions to death and suffering. The bungled attempt at health care reform opened the door for the disastrous GOP takeover of Congress in 1994 of course, there was the Lewinsky scandal: a sitting president knew the entire right wing was hunting him, and put his head on the chopping block with an intern anyway.

My point with this is two fold: 1. These things that Clinton did, largely with the help of Dick Morris and the GOP under the guise of have had serious and dire repercussions that we all live with to this day. 2. Last night was an incredible show, full of sound and fury still a show that signifies nothing if we, as progressives, can figure out a better way to drag American politics away from the abyss we teeter on the edge of today.