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Speed bag and platform

Hello Alan, I have enjoyed your video and speed bag bible. I have purchased a platform, which had to have been taken out of some “old school” gym back East. The tubular frame weights in a 100 lbs and the 2 1/2 inch hardwood platform weights 35 pounds. The platform works great, its the bags and swivels that I’m having a problem with. I’ve purchased everlast leather bags, the large 11×7 and the medium 7×10. The swivels are also everlast, I have the basic b mulberry purse all swivel as well as the pro swivel which has something that looks like a chain link connector. The bags do not rebound very fast, and I’ve tried a lot of air making it hard, and less making it as you state in your book and video, just soft enough to dent when you press your thumbs against it. Also, unless I strike the bag exactly in the middle of the belly, it moves off to one side effectively ending my run.I am glad you enjoyed the “bible” book video. Hopefully it will help you understand the bag and get better. It can be a tricky little varmit sometimes.Your bags may not rebound very fast for a couple of reasons. First, it depends on the leather material. Not all leather ba mulberry purse gs, either by everlast or any other manufacturer, are equal. They change designs and shapes slightly every few years, and maybe change the bladder sizes or materials.It is hard to tell exactly what your specific bag problem might be. Everlast has different models and shapes for different sizes. they have the Red Bags and Black bags. the red ones are a little cheaper and seem to be a bit larger per bag size. For instance, their Red 4210 (11×8) seems to be a bit fatter than the same size in their black model 4202 Super Speed Bag 11″ x 8″. the same is true for their 10×7 size, which has a couple of variations. I tend to like bags that are short and fatter per size. for instance, the Ringside brand bags changed their shape a few years ago to be “longer and narrower” per size. so their current 9×6 and 8×5 bags are a tad longer than that same size several years ago. I find t mulberry purse he short fat bags to be faster and give a better rebound.the best I can offer is to find a bag you like (trial and error ) and then buy two or three of them before that company changes it a little.I have been using Titleboxing bags lately. I especially like the 8×5 ( yellow colored bag). the red 9×6 is also very good.Since you have a dynamite board, you may also over inflate your larger bags to go faster. Your heavy board will withstand the force of your punching, but be sure to wrap your hands when you do this. It is murder on the small bones of the knuckles.As for swivels mulberry purse , I prefer the everlast ball hook for that gives me the truest rebound when hitting from all directions. But lately they have cheaped out on that also, and the last ones are saw in Oshmans sports last night had a longer shank on the top part attached to the ball. I don’t like that design and prefer the shank be shorter.and see that the bag S hook attaches into the “eye” hole of the top shank of the ball housing very close to the tightening nut. If this shank gets longer, ( slipping out of the ball inside, or made longer purposely) than it may contact the housing and get cut, and the extra length slows the bag.