mulberry purse Speed bag into hollow brick wa

Speed bag into hollow brick wall

Most had wood framing attached to the walls and the speed bag rack attached to the wood. I’ve seen the wooden frames hung either horizontally or vertically, usually made of 2×4 or 2×6, and the speed bag unit wall framing attached to them The wood is usually attached by heavy duty concrete anchors of some type, mulberry purse like molly bolts or toggle bolts. Y mulberry purse ou can see them here:The wood attaches to the concrete blocks and the speed bag framing attaches to the wood and the b mulberry purse olts or attachment screws also go into the concrete or at least the main corner and center attachment bolts should. You may need a “wall hanging professional” to help align it all up for you’ll probably need some fairly precise measu mulberry purse rements to make all the holes, plastic wall anchors and bolts to line up.

Be sure to keep all the wood bracking and speed bag framing level.

I hope this helps. Sorry I can’t be more specific but I have not personally hung a speed bag unit on concrete blocks.