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speed bag platforms

I bought a cheap everlast 24 inch drum platform that was about half of an inch thick (with two posts drilled into the wood studs). As suggested on your website, i added a three quarter inch piece of plywood. this reduced the vibrations but it is still pretty loud throughout the house. can i build my own drum by gluing together two pieces of 3/4 inch plywood shaped as a drum, and then replace the original that came with my set. Any shape will work as long as the holes line up with the horizontal pieces that attach to the board. The cheaper boards seem to give off a higher more a mulberry purse nnoying pitched sound. If you are going to change your board, I would mulberry purse go with a heavier wood such as maple or Oak. You can take your presswood board off, and get someone to hold up th new board and you align the holes from the top, OR by yourself, you can assemble the hanging hardware OFF the wall, and don’t attach the board (presswood). then set the

hanging hardward over the new board and a mulberry purse lign your holes. (If it is not round, or a little larger than 24 inches, make sure there will be enough clearance on the wall side.)

Another idea I have seen is to b mulberry purse uffer the sound by adding some type of absorption material, like carpet, over the board. Kind of like sound insulation. One of my more creative speed bag friends who lived in an apartment did this by glueing a tightly woven smooth carpet over his board and drilling the swivel holes through. The bag was slowed down a bit by the softer carpet surface but the sound was lowered. Especially with a smaller bag. He also buffered the echoing of the sound off the wall by hanging the carpet material on the wall on either side of his vertical wall mounts. The sound of the rebound echo’s off the walls, and by “sound proofing” the wall, it also lowered the sound (at least enough to not bother the neighbors).

I’m not sure if this will help you, but if carpeting the board works, the reduction in bag speed will be worth the price of being able to use it. Remember, it’s really a “control” bag, more than a “speed” bag. You can still get a great workout on a slightly slower bag.