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Speed bag question

First off I do not box or train to box. I’ve just always been fascinated by the speed bag. I was thinking of purchasing a swivel and a bag and read in one of your responses that you could build your own rebound board. Here is my first part of question.Could you potentially put the rebound board “directly on the ceiling” provided that it is low mulberry purse enough? Instead of building the metal frame, have the rebound board rest directly on the ceiling on the studs. Would this cause any problems in the functionality of the speed bag? What is your opinion?Second part of my question is. What are the health benifits of using the speed bad? As i mentionned, I’m not a boxer or training to be one I just want to throw that in the mix. What benifits could I see? (arms, chest, coordination?)And do you have any suggestions for beginners?Yes, you could put the board up on overhead studs or flooring from the above floor. I have seen that several times in peoples basements or low level garages. The only problem is it is completely unadjustable. shorter people may have to have a platform to stand on or the bag will be too high. These actions often require quick and accurate reactions with split second timing. The speed bag will fine tune your reaction time, which translates to all sports. It will also help you learn to keep your hands up in the “ready” position. Affected sports include the “big 4″ of basketball, football (American) mulberry purse , baseball and volleyball, as well as: Handball, Softball, Lacrosse, and all racket sports (tennis, racquetball, ping pong). Simply put, If you “get in the game” speed bag training can help you play better.Eye Hand Foot coordination Targeting the bag for single or repetitive contact, and to do this continuously at the right time.Rhythm and Timing Maintain constant and continuous flowing movements with equal force and speed.Hand speed and power. Required to keep the bag going at a constant rate of speed. Also requires using equal power (or force), with no wasted motion.Fitness Benefits Striking actions require the user to hold the arms and hands up for extended periods of time, building shoulder arm strength and endurance. This in turn helps to shape, tone and define the muscles involved. Punching repetitively for a length of time, such as 3 minutes can have cardiovascular benefits, taxing the heart and lungs, and often leave you winded. With practice, you can extend this to 15 minutes or longer, helping to increase aerobic capacity.Rhythmic Expression. Like a mulberry purse “hanging drum” It allows the user a vast amount of creative capability. With a little practice, you can develop all kinds of different rhythms, allowing for a great deal of self expression.Low injury potential. Speed Bag training has very low potential for serious injury.Home economy. Speed bag equipment can be inexpensive and adapts easily to the home environment. It can also be mix mulberry purse ed with other home fitness activities.