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Speed bag questions

QUESTION: Hi Alan Kahn,

I’ve been using the speedbag for training, for quite some time now. However, I feel as if I am desiring more then what I am getting out of my bag. I’ve tried a couple different brands, and sizes. My favorite ba mulberry purse g seems to be a 11×9 Everlast bag. I’ve had a lot of fun w/ this bag but I need something faster. I own a 5×8 Tuff Wear bag, but the bag seems too thick and I believe that because of that, alot of the rebound is taken away. Today my order from title boxing finally came in, and within this order was my new Rival 5×8 speedbag. again it seems like this bag is just like the Tuff Wear one that i already own.

I’ve heard many times and I believe I heard it on your speedbag bible dvd as well, that the smaller the bag, the faster it will be. which requires more skill to use.

My question is. What specific brand of speed bag would you recommend me to purchase in order for me to have a bag that moved alot quicker? And what size. In my mind, im hoping for a small bag that hits like my 11×9 red one, but is able to be hit alot faster.

Also, I was wanting to ask you. have you purchased any speedbags where the “mouth” part of the bag wa mulberry purse s too wide for the swivel? I had tha mulberry purse t with my Tuff Wear bag, and I had to take a pair of scissors and trim it down, just so it would fit the swivel.

The Red Everlast bag 11×8 that you have is probably a model 4210, which is a very nice learning bag, but is not very fast. The old Tufwear bags are thick and a bit heavy per size but many people like that, for you can apply a good smack to hit with it running away from you. I have hit the Rival 5×8 and like it. I did not find it overly heavy but everyone’s hands are different. The promex bags seem heavy to me. I love the shaped, but heavy.

You are right, that normally the smaller the bag the faster it will be, and the fast the bag is the more skill it takes to control it. Actually, you don’t control the BAG, per se, you control YOUR movements to continuously punch the bag. Always strive for relaxed control of YOUR movements, and bag will follow along obediently.

As far as a bag goes, the 8×5 is the most recent “fast” bag I have found to really enjoy. smaller bags seem just a bit too light to have fun with.

You might try the Ringside extra small XS 8×5:or the “SMALL” Top contender 8x5or the yellow Title 8×5 ( i use this a lot)or the Title Classic 8×5 ( light bag )All of the bags above are excellent bags, and I would recommend anyone of them.

Concerning your comment about the bag “mouth” or the “width of the bag strap” that attaches to the swivel. I have noticed a problem with the width and thickness being greater than the swivel. Some bags DO have such a thick or wide strap you just can’t get it on the hook. I too have squeezed them with pliers, etc. trying to get them to fit on the hook. It is one of the little inconsistencies and equipment issues with the speed bag. I have actually known people to cut the swivel end off a bit to make more room, and then put a bit of tape around it to better hold the bag on.

I hope this answers your question. Good luck with your search and train safely.

I had read some previous posts you made in response to other people’s questions and I saw what you wrote ab mulberry purse out a bag w/ a wider belly, being quicker. So now I have been looking at different bags according to that. I also checked out the different bags that you linked. and I was curious about the , I just returned the 5×8 rival bag I ordered, and I am exchanging it for the 6×9 red bag in that link. Do you think it will be light like my 11×9 bag? But of course be alot quicker. I am also thinking of purchasing that 5×8 title bag you linked me. I intend on trying both of them out and keeping the one that I like of the two. It’s really hard to know what is good unless I ask someone who has already used a specific piece of equipment. I am hoping you can suggest some stuff for me. Speed Bag Training really is a unique activity that can last a lifetime.

I do believe a wider belly per each bag size is a bit faster. All that really means is the bag ANY size bag will have a more rounded tear drop shape, making it a bit fatter and shorter. It will have a shorter rebound arc, and hit the board quicker in each rebound. The gain in speed is probably slight, but noticeable. Particular when punching full out, as fast as you can. But that also demands a bit more control. It is very hard to maintain full speed punching without very clean swinging technique.

The red bag you mention on the titleboxing website is a 9×6, and I use it quite a bit also. It will be smaller and faster than the Everlast 4210, which is an 11×8. The weight will be close, but I wouldn’t worry too much about that. You should adapt pretty quickly to the feel of any bag on your hands, and it’s swinging/rebound patterns, in a few workouts. You will notice the Yellow 8×5 is also smaller,lighter and faster than the red 9×6. Again, I have and use them both.

The “Jumbo Ball”, you speak of is an interesting specialty bag that is one of several now available. They are several types of these, such as linked below:.