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speed bag set

Congratulations on getting a speed bag for the home! I have two up myself. One in the Garage and one in a spare bedroom. You will find it to be a great addition to your home based workouts.Now to answer your questions. when you say “WE”. (jus mulberry purse t bought a speed bag) I am assuming that more than one person will be us mulberry purse ing it. Then a key factor to the initial set up is making sure their is enough room to adjust the board up or down slighlty to set the bag at the proper height of the user. Of course, I am assuming that your speed bag board IS an adjustable type, so it can easily be raised up or down. If NOT, then you may want to get an exercise stepping box or something stable so the shortest user in your family can get the bag in the proper position. I have addressed that in a beginners article posted at the bottom for you. Also, I recommend using bolts to attach the swivel. Depending on your board type, the small screws can eventually work loose and the swivel will become loose as a result. I normally drill my swivel holes all the way through and bolt the mulberry purse m on so that problem never occurs. I mulberry purse t may not be needed in a small usage area, but if you have a lot of folks in your family who will be using it, and using large bags, I would recommend taking the extra time to bolt it on. If your frame braces or over the board hardware would interfere with a bolt coming up through the board, then you can always put in smooth headed bolt in from the top and have the threads come out the bottom. It won’t hurt to do it that way.I recommend getting a medium to large bag, and for beginners I normally recommend an 11×8 size. they are big enough to control and yet can go pretty fast. Here is a link to a good site for that.