mulberry purse Speed Bag SetupAlan, I am

Speed Bag Setup

Alan, I am interested in starting to train with a speed bag but I haven’t had much luck with any equipment. I recently purchased a 3 piece speed bag set from Everlast featuring a 3/4 inch platform, swivel, and vinyl speed bag. I have already had mulberry purse to return the item once because the vinyl bag has ripped where i mulberry purse t hangs by the hook. Also, the hook broke where it hangs from the swivel. I have had my new set up for one day and already the vinyl bag has ripped.I realize I need to get a nice leather bag but I was wondering if you could make a suggestion for a quality speed bag, swivel, as well as a platform. The platform that came with the set seems to vibrate every time I strike a bag and I can’t seem to get a good rhythm.Are their particular brands you trust? I mulberry purse have been very unimpressed with Everlast, although I realize I probably got what I paid for.Welcome to the world of cheap speed bag equipment. Sorry to hear about your lousy first entry into speed bag training. You are not th mulberry purse e first to contact me with negative remarks about the everlast vinyl bags. And the recent cheapo swivels they include with the “economy” set.