mulberry purse Speed Bag Swivel problemI

Speed Bag Swivel problem

I purchased a speed bag set back in April of this year. I was working on it 3 5 a week up until the beginning of June, when the Everlast S Hook swivel broke. The rod just popped out of the swivel ball. So I went and bought another one the following week. I only got to work on it about 5 times before this one busted as well. Is this normal? I don’t like the idea of dishing out $20 bucks every few weeks. Could I be doing something wrong? I don’t really think I’m strong enough to be doing this kind of damage. Thanks!the problem you are having is somewhat uncommon to my own experience. Years ago I used Everlast Ball Hook swivels for many hours every day and seldom had that problem. but I have had a ball hook rod come lose once or twice, and there is normally a tightening nut inside the ball. But to have it happen on two different swivels is rare in my experience. However, most of my ball hook swivels are 2 years old or more. I noticed the new everlast ball hooks in Oshmans and Champs sporting goods have a slightly longer rod in them. I hate that because it lengthens the arc of the rebound, but it may also be a cheaper version of their ball hook swivel. Everyone is cheaping out these days.My suggestion would be to see if mulberry purse there is a tightening nut on the ball ( usually uses an allen wrench ) to reset the rod and tighten it down. If not, try one of t mulberry purse he other swivels on the market. I suggest the mulberry purse chain link or “Everlast top professional swivel” at thi mulberry purse s link.