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speed bag training

Click the “Speed Bag Combinations” picture here:You can use all the boxing punches on the speed bag, including the Jab, the straight punch, the mulberry purse cross, the hook and uppercut. The difference secret to using them is learning how many bag rebounds are required to have the bag in the correct angle to hit it properly. Here is some information on that, called: “The Rules of Rhythm”How to knock someone out “fast and easy”? I’m not sure what that means, for it can mean different things, such as knocking the man unconscious, or knock mulberry purse ing him out of the fight, s mulberry purse uch as a TKO (the fighter can’t continue.) or just make someone want to quit fighting. To put someone unconscious normally takes a good connection on the jaw, with power. Much easier said mulberry purse than done. A good punch that connects to the solar plexus, kidney or liver are can drop someone to the point they can’t continue. IF you are “backyard” boxing, forget about doing that. These are dangerous and can cause great personal injury. If you are going to box competitively, than your coach will teach you how and when to use them.