mulberry sale Southwest Airlines expands in

Southwest Airlines expands in Denver

Story HighlightsDemand for Southwest flights to Colorado are strongDIA sees more than 160 Southwest flights a dayKUSA Southwest Airlines is in the process of expanding at Denver International Airport. The carrier will have five new gates at the C concourse by November 2014.

“We can easily say it’s the fastest growing market in our history,” Southwest Airlines spokesperson Michelle Agnew said. “I think with Southwest in a market and with more flights it ultimately makes prices more competitive.”

The airline, which proudly promotes allowing travelers to check their first two bags f mulberry sale or free, currently has 19 gates: 17 in the C concourse and 2 in the A concourse.

“We will end operating those 2 gates in the A concourse,” Agnew said. “We’re going to fully consolidate our operation in the C concourse.”

In a nod to the growth in the mile high city the airline recently started offering Fat Tire beer on flights nationwide. The craft beer is brewed in Fort Collins.

“We feel like it’s paying tribute to Colorado,” Agnew said. “People want to move to Colorado. Our flights are so popular and the demand is so strong. We’ve just seen a lot of opportunity the mulberry sale re to be able to grow.”

In 2006, Southwest Airlines offered 13 flights a day out of Denver to just three cities. Today, th mulberry sale e airline boasts more than 160 daily flights out of DIA to nearly sixty destinations.

The competition will heat up when the Dallas based carrier adds n mulberry sale onstop flights from Dallas Love Field to at least 15 cities, including Denver, later this year.

The airline is also dipping its toe into international travel.

“We are in our last phases of converting AirTran Airlines and we currently have AirTran International flights out of Denver to Cancun and Cabo San Lucas,” Agnew said.